Expansion Construction of the Micro Sensor Industrial Park

Date: 2024-Jul-04

We are delighted to announce that Micro Sensor Industrial Park will commence expansion construction in the Western Sensor Industrial Park located in Baoji, known as China’s Capital of Sensors. This site is one of the most significant flow meter industrial bases in China.  

Micro Sensor Industrial Park Project.jpeg

Baoji City official Xiaolong Duan announced the commencement order for the "Phase II C3 Steel Structure Factory Renovation Project" at the Western Sensor Industrial Park .   

Micro Senosr CEO.jpeg

CEO of Micro Sensor Furong Zhao said that the following essential points need to be prioritized in order to advance the work:

First, to assure construction safety, a strong safety culture must be established by implementing safety responsibilities, fostering safety awareness, adopting appropriate safety measures, and thoroughly identifying and mitigating potential hazards. 

Second, the construction of a high-quality project that passes inspection on the first attempt must be achieved.

Third, the construction schedule must be strictly adhered to, accelerating the pace of construction while ensuring safety and quality to guarantee the project is completed and operational on time.

Lastly, safety and civilized construction practices must be enforced, effective communication with the local community maintained, and efforts made to create a civilized construction site.   

Micro Sensor CEO and COO.jpeg

The project is situated in the Weibin District of Baoji City's Jiangtan Industrial Park. It mainly includes the development of a smart pressure sensor manufacturing base and the industrialization of flow meters and smart pressure sensors.

The project, which has a land area of 36,000 square meters and a total expenditure of 500 million RMB, involves the establishment of production lines for smart sensors, machining, and flow standard equipment. Upon completion, the project will become the largest domestic water flow standard equipment facility and the most authoritative flow measurement and production base in China. At least 60,000 units of manufacturing are anticipated annually, which will spur the growth of the city's sensor industry and hasten the clustering of the upstream and downstream industrial chains. 


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