Accurate Pressure Monitoring of Piezoresistive Vacuum Gauges

Date: 2023-Nov-24


What is a Vacuum Gauge?

vacuum gauge

A vacuum gauge, also known as a vacuum manometer, typically utilizes a physical phenomenon related to air pressure under varying conditions to measure pressure. The diffused silicon piezoresistive vacuum gauge is one of the widely used vacuum gauges. Its operating principle is to adjust the signal through the internal pressure sensor, collect and analyze it by the high-precision digital acquisition system, and directly output the digital signal. This allows the vacuum degree of the measured vacuum environment to be directly displayed.

Working Principle of Piezoresistive Vacuum Gauge

It is mainly used in the field of vacuum degree measurement, such as vacuum coating, solar connectors manufacturing, and vacuum melting. As the primary measurement components, the piezoresistive pressure sensors need to adapt to various measuring environments in different fields, requiring the sensors to possess high stability, accuracy, strong corrosion resistance, and high-pressure resistance.

Micro Sensor offers the MPM281 pressure sensor to enhance the accurate monitoring of diffused silicon piezoresistive vacuum gauge, enabling it to address the severe challenges effectively in various application environments.

Recommended Product

MPM281 High Stability Pressure Sensor

MPM281 High Stability Pressure Sensor

• Measuring range: 0bar~ 0.07bar…1000bar;

• Gauge, Absolute and Sealed gauge;

• Constant current and constant voltage power supply are available;

• Silicone oil, fluorocarbon oil and other filling oil are available, applicable to various fluid media;

• Φ19mm standard OEM pressure sensor;

• Full stainless steel 316L, with strong corrosion resistantance;

• Wide temperature compensation range: -10℃-80℃;

• Long-term stability ±0.1%FS/Year

Micro Sensor will continue to delve deeply into the field of vacuum measurement, providing more specialized products and monitoring solutions.


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