Industrial Gas

Through various types of sensor monitoring instruments, Micro Sensor can monitor the pressure of industrial gases in real time during the production, storage, supply, and use of industrial gases.

  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Compressed Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Monitoring

    Compressed Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Monitoring

    Pressure Transmitters are needed to monitor the pressure in the gas supply pipeline of the compressed gas cylinder to ensure safety.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Cryogenic High-Pressure Storage Tank Pressure Monitoring

    Vertical/Horizontal Cryogenic High-Pressure Storage Tank Pressure Monitoring

    Pressure transmitters are used not only to measure the pressure inside the tank but also to measure the absolute pressure of the tank body and the pressure before and after the cryogenic pump, ensuring the safe operation of the system. Differential pressure measurement is the most common and reliable method for measuring the liquid level of cryogenic high-pressure bulk storage tanks.

  • Nitrogen/Oxygen Generator Pressure Monitoring

    Nitrogen/Oxygen Generator Pressure Monitoring

    Nitrogen/oxygen generators are widely utilized in electronic equipment, medical devices, air conditioning refrigeration, and food & beverage industries. Pressure transmitters, being vital components of nitrogen/oxygen generators. They monitor the pressure within the container and throughout the variable pressure adsorption process.

Industrial Gas Instrumentation for Special Applications
Pressure Measurement
Level Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Flow measurement

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