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Pressure Sensors

With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing oil-filled pressure sensors, MicroSensor offers a wide range of pressure sensors with gauge, absolute, and differential pressure. Our pressure sensors offer different diameters, ranging from 0.07bar to 1000bar (vacuum is available), materials such as SS316L, Titanium, Tantalum, Hastelloy C, etc.

Basic Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Small Size Pressure Sensors

Anti-corrosive Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Sensors

Basic Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

Piezoresistive pressure sensor MicroSensors offered is with increased media compatibility for liquid fluids pressure measurement. The pressure sensor outputs an mV-output signal and is wide temperature compensated. The pressure ranges from 70 mbar to 1000 bar and from 1 to 14500 psi. These basic piezoresistive pressure sensors can be customized to unique materials, constructions and pressure ports, etc.


Small Size Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors with a small size can be used to pressure measuring applications that have strict requirements for dimensions. The pressure sensor diameter ranges from Φ12.6mm to Φ19mm and the height can be as small as 6.5mm. The compact size pressure sensor is widely used for pressure measurement of media which is compatible with stainless steel and Viton, especially the working site with limit installation space.


Anti-corrosive Pressure Sensors

Anti-corrosive pressure sensors MicroSensor supplied are specially designed for corrosive liquids and gases pressure measurement. The pressure sensor diaphragm is can be Tantalum, Titanium, Hastelloy C and stainless steel 316L, suitable to measure seawater or corrosive media such as acid etching, stress corrosion, alkali, chloride, chlorine organism, nitric acid and vitriol, etc.


Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Sensor from 350 mbar to 35 bar is an OEM silicon pressure sensor based on the piezoresistive principle. It has optional outer resistors temperature compensation and all welding constructions, possible for various fluid media. Differential pressure sensors can be widely used in the industrial process control field etc., for differential pressure measurement.


Pressure Sensors Applied in Food

The risk of contamination and easy cleaning in the operation exists in every food and beverage product in common. Each can, bottle, bag, or box that leaves your factory has to be wholesome, safe, and meet strict regulatory standards. Your reputation and profitability depend on it. In the whole operations, it is critical that processes shall run efficiently and all controls and procedures shall be in place. The accurate and reliable pressure sensing instrumentation will be needed whenever you are measuring levels in a fermentation tank, and discharge pressure from a diaphragm pump.

Micro Sensor is concentrating on sanitation like your application for more than 50 years. Our engineers strive to work out the most suitable sensing solutions to keep your production efficiency such as differentia pressure sensors and sanitary use pressure transmitters, etc. For this specialized industry, Micro Sensor also has the approved technology to make sure operations in food and beverage could run efficiently and productively.

Moreover, Micro Sensor has our own professional R&D team so we are capable to offer customers customized products with your unique requirements. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below and our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.

Pressure Measurement in Oil and Gas

In oil and gas applications, pressure sensors are used widely which nearly involved all kinds of pressure types in the process of measuring, such as gauge, absolute, differential pressure, high pressure, micro differential pressure, etc. Our engineers are well-experienced in this application, they know the challenges and complexities of oil and gas processes clearly in real life, and put our technology into the applications to provide pressure measuring solutions for customers to ensure the process and product safety.

Pressure Sensors Production Processes

The main production processes of a pressure sensor is gluing - binding - diaphragm welding - oil filling - sealing - pressure impact- aging - temperature compensation - resistance adjustment - inspection and so on.

As far as the sensor itself is concerned, there is no absolute good or bad, but its production process level has a decisive influence on the performance.

Micro Sensor's research and production of industrial pressure sensors and transmitters originated in the 1970s, and this production line can be said to have gone through a lot of vicissitudes, bearing half of the history of pressure sensors in China.

After decades of development, it has been an important advanced manufacturing space integrating digitalization, automation, and flexibilization, bearing the manufacturing tasks of our first products such as MPM280, MPM281, and MPM283.

Pressure Sensors Development History

The state of development of the pressure sensor is largely determined by the development of MEMS chips, which are essentially semiconductor sensors. In 1954, the great C.S. Smith discovered the piezoresistive effect of silicon and germanium. That is, when an external force is applied to a semiconductor material, its resistance will change significantly. Based on this principle, a strain resistor was glued to a metal film to convert the force signal into an electrical signal, thus enabling pressure measurement.


This is how piezoresistive pressure sensors were born. Subsequently, along with the silicon diffusion technology, each anisotropic corrosion technology and after the 80's micro-processing technology, gradually bring the pressure sensor to the micron level and the large volume development stage.



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