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What is a Pressure Transducer?

A pressure transducer is an instrument for measuring pressure, also known as a pressure sensor and pressure transmitter which can convert physical pressure parameters such as gas and liquid sensed by the cell element into a standard electrical signal (such as 4~20mADC, etc.).

MicroSensor is a pressure transducer manufacturer with over 50 years of history, providing pressure transducers for gauge pressure, absolute pressure, and sealed gauge pressure. It also has different ranges and different materials optional for custom design. From general working conditions to extreme working conditions, low temperature to high-temperature environments, the pressure transducers can work stably in long term.

Pressure Transducers

Differential Pressure Transducers

Submersible Pressure / Level Transducers

Pressure Transducers

Through the pressure measurement of liquid, gas, and other fluid media, the pressure transducers provide real-time data for industrial manufacturing, so as to realize the automatic control of the production process. MicroSensor pressure transducer has a wealth of product specifications optional: explosion-proof pressure transducer, sanitary pressure transducer, special pressure transducer for the process industry, anti-corrosion pressure transmitter, and so on.

Differential Pressure Transducers

The difference between a differential type and a general pressure transducer is that the differential pressure transducer has two pressure ports. The differential pressure transducer is generally divided into a positive pressure end and a negative pressure end.
Generally, the pressure at the positive pressure end of the differential pressure transducer should be greater than the pressure at the negative pressure end so that the differential pressure can be measured. Differential pressure transducers are often used to measure the differential pressure of liquids and gases and provide differential pressure monitoring data for the production process.

Submersible Pressure / Level Transducers

Submersible pressure transducers are suitable for measuring liquid levels. By putting or installing the liquid level probe at the bottom of the liquid and measuring the pressure value of the liquid, the liquid level value corresponding to the measured liquid can be obtained. Submersible pressure transducers are widely used in the monitoring of pool liquid level, water tank liquid level, crude oil storage tank liquid level, and fuel oil storage tank liquid level.

What Does A Pressure Transducer Do?

In industrial production and smart cities, pressure transducers are quite vital and widely used.

Monitoring the pressure of liquid and gas through pressure transducers and pressure transmitters can provide data for industrial production automation and ensure more convenient and safer use of water, oil, and gas in smart cities.

What Media Can the Pressure Transducer Measure?

The pressure transducer is selected according to the different measurement media, which can be divided into dry gas, gas-liquid, strong corrosive liquid, viscous liquid, high-temperature gas-liquid, etc. Correct selection according to different media will help extend the transmitter service life.

Depending on the medium, there are usually different names:

-Gas pressure transducer

-Water pressure transducer

-Hydraulic pressure transducer

-Oil pressure transducer

-Fuel pressure transducer

What Are The Commonly Used Units for Pressure Transducers to Measure Pressure?

Commonly used units are MPa,kPa, bar, psi, kilo, etc.

1MPa=1000kPa=10bar=10kilo ≈145psi

What Are The Output Signals of The Pressure Transducer?

Usually, the pressure transducer is powered by a DC power supply and provides a variety of output signal options, including 4 ~ 20mA. DC;, 0~5V. DC, 1~5V. DC, 0~10mA. DC, etc., can have 232 or 485 digital outputs.

How Do Diffused Silicon Pressure Transducers Work?

The measured medium transmits the pressure to the diaphragm at the front end of the pressure transducer, causing the diaphragm to deform after being pressed, and then transmit the pressure step by step to the pressure measuring chip. Different pressures will cause different degrees of deformation of the chip. Due to the piezoresistive effect, the resistance value output by the pressure transducer will change. The electronic circuit is used to detect this change and convert and output a standard measurement signal corresponding to this pressure.

How Is a Pressure Transducer Installed?

The pressure transducer is usually installed with thread on the pipeline and storage tank to be measured. The signal can be read through the Hirschmann interface, plug interface, or direct wiring, and wireless remote transmission signals are optional.

What Are the Types Of Pressure Transducers?

Pressure transducers are usually divided into three types: absolute pressure, gauge pressure, and sealed gauge pressure. According to the measurement purpose, it can be divided into general pressure transducer and differential pressure transducer.

How to Select Pressure Transducers?

When selecting a pressure transducer, the following parameters need to be confirmed:

-The medium to be measured and the temperature of the medium

-Measuring range


-Pressure ports

-Output signal

-Working environment temperature, etc.

What Certifications Does MicroSensor Pressure Transducer Have?

MicroSensor's pressure transducer has obtained more than 223 product certifications, including ATEX explosion-proof, CB, CE, DNV certifications, SIL, UL, ship-use CCS, 3A, IECEX, CSA, RoHS, etc.



Technical Progress and Development of Micro Sensor's Pressure Sensors

Technical Progress and Development of Micro Sensor's Pressure Sensors

Micro Sensor offers a series of piezoresistive pressure sensors applied in the chemical plant, pipeline use, and aeronautics, etc.

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