Oil & Gas

Micro Sensor has extensive experience in oil and gas monitoring, covering offshore and onshore facilities, pipelines, and deepwater operations.

  • Petroleum Oil

    Petroleum Oil

    Pressure, liquid level and flow measurement and control in oilfield water injection, storage part

  • Gas


    Sensing and Measurement Technology applied in Fuel Gas Monitoring

  • Petroleum Oil
  • Gas
  • Oilfield Water Injection Monitoring

    Oilfield Water Injection Monitoring

    Install instruments like electromagnetic flowmeters, temperature/pressure transmitters, flow controllers in the pressure pumps, water injection pipelines, and water injection wells to monitor the water injection volume, pressure, and level changes in real time so that the pressure and volume of the well-injected water can be controlled.

  • Oil, Gas, Water Storage Tank Monitoring

    Oil, Gas, Water Storage Tank Monitoring

    There are a large number of application scenarios of oil, gas, water and other fluid medias in industrial production, which are often stored in tanks of various sizes. Instruments can be installed to monitor the liquid level and pressure changes in the tanks, and automation management can be achieved through platforms and networks.

  • Oil and Gas Transportation and Distribution System Monitoring

    Oil and Gas Transportation and Distribution System Monitoring

    During the process of oil and gas transportation, it is necessary to collect and analyze production and security data related to pipelines and production sites, and generally a supporting SCADA system needs to be built simultaneously. The SCADA system can monitor, control and manage the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the entire pipeline in real time, in order to achieve safe transportation, reduce consumption and improve economic efficiency.

  • Oil and Gas Wells Remote Monitoring

    Oil and Gas Wells Remote Monitoring

    To accurately obtain information about fluid properties, oil layer depth, and other parameters during exploration and extraction, it is necessary to measure formation pressure, fluid density, temperature, and other factors. These data can be remotely transmitted to an online dispatch platform, connected with other oil and gas wells, and integrated into a dedicated IoT network for the oil field. This enables automatic data collection and remote control of oil well production, achieving unified scheduling and intelligent management of oil well production.

Oil & Gas Instrumentation for Special Applications
Pressure Measurement
Level Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Flow measurement

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