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    How to Customize a Pressure Transmitter

    Development Cycle of How to Customize A Pressure Transmitter

    2019-11-25 15:43:42  |  Details >
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    Common Faults and Solutions for 2-wire 4-20ma Pressure Transmitter

    It is a typical usage of two-wire 4-20mA pressure transmitters for most customers showed in figure 1. After the pressure transmitter is powered on, the loop current is proportional to the pressure to generate a 4-20 mA signal by collecting the pressure. The current flow through the sampling resistor (typical 100 Ω, 250 Ω) which connects serially with the loop and then it is converted to voltage signal used for the back-end acquisition system. Generally, the sampling resistors will be integrated into the acquisition device.

    2019-08-20 16:27:00  |  Details >
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    Common Malfunction and Solutions of 4~20mA Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure transmitter is widely used in industrial process control applications and 4~20mADC is the most adopted output signal. Here are 4 typical common malfunctions and solutions about 4~20mADC pressure transmitter, helping customers solve the problems quickly on site.

    2018-10-15 00:00:00  |  Details >
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    Difference of Absolute, Gauge, Sealed Gauge and Differential Pressure Type

    Generally, there are 4 kind pressure types including gauge, sealed gauge, absolute and differential pressure. How to choose the pressure sensor type for different applications? Read details.

    2018-07-31 00:00:00  |  Details >