FAQs about Micro Sensor IPD

Date: 2023-Nov-15

What is IPD?

IPD (integrated product development), an advanced product development process, collaborates with various departments to participate in product development. Integrated product development integrates customer needs, market analysis, and product development to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. IPD also aims to transform product research and development from focusing on the research and development process to market demand.

What is the Core Objective of MicroSensor Implementing IPD?

• Accurate Demand Analysis: Develop pressure sensors and pressure transmitters that meet customer needs; Meet customer end-to-end needs.

• Fast Response: Provide successful products to the market quickly; Ensure products are delivered on time.

• High Quality Product: Effective deployment of technology and production resources ensures high-quality and long-term stability.

How Does MicroSensor Implement Integrated Product Development? 

The basis for the success of IPD is close cooperation between different functional departments. MicroSensor has established the following teams to achieve cross-department collaboration:

1. IPMT (Integrated Product Management Team):

IPMT is a cross-departmental team composed of senior managers. They represent the company in formulating product development plans, making investment decisions on product development projects, and cultivating market management and product development processes. Selected candidates in the team ensure the effective implementation of the entire process.

2. ITMT (Integrated Technology Management Team):

ITMT, the top technical management team, controls the company's technological development direction. ITMT provides technical guidance to IPMT. They guarantee the engineering and technical capabilities required for pressure sensor product development. The integrated technology management team promotes market competitiveness and demand response speed of customers.

3. PDT (Product Development Team):

PDT is a cross-functional product business unit. The product development team is responsible for managing the entire product development process, from project establishment and product development to launching products into the market. According to the IPMT team's project requirements, the main goal of PDT is to ensure the financial and market success of the product package.

4. TDT (Technology Development Team)

TDT (Technology Development Team) is responsible for designing, developing, and testing technology platforms or ASICs according to the ITMT/IPMT mission statement.

What's the IPD Process?

The IPD process consists of 6 stages: concept, planning, development, verification, release, and life cycle. Throughout the process, there are two key reviews for managing cross-functional organizations. One is the management review of IPMT, which aims to decide whether to continue the entire project. Another ITMT technical review (TR) aims to provide technical assistance to IPMT, thereby assisting IPMT in making correct decisions.

Micro Sensor's implementation of IPD aims to build strong product competitiveness and R&D capabilities. 


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