Differential Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

MicroSensor designs and produces differential pressure transmitters and differential pressure transducers as a pressure transmitter manufacturer since 1971. We provide intelligent and smart pressure transmitters for industrial process control applications in chemical plants, petroleum oil and gas fields, etc. With an intrinsic safe explosion-proof version optional, the differential pressure transmitters and transducers can be used in hazardous environments and offer stable and accurate performance. Besides, the specialized differential pressure transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement is produced and has won a good reputation among customers in the past years. Custom-design service is available with our professional R&D team.

Differential Pressure Transmitter for Process Industry

Differential pressure transmitters and transducers

Differential Pressure Transmitter for Process Industry

The differential pressure transmitters below are specialized for the process industrial applications to measure the liquid level, density, pressure, and flow of liquid, gas, or steam, and then convert it into a 4mA~20mADC and HART current output signal. They have good long-term stability and are widely used in the process industry, chemical industry, food, medicine, paper industry, etc.

Differential pressure transmitters and transducers

A series of differential pressure transmitters below are available in industries like the Petroleum industry, the Chemical industry, Electricity industry, Hydrology, etc. to measure the differential pressure of liquids and gases. Ranging from 1kPa, the MDM492 differential pressure transmitter is suitable for tiny differential pressure measurement with stable performance in industries like boiler, vintage, and so on. With CCS ship-use certificates, a differential pressure transducer like MDM490 can be used in marine applications. The MDM3051S series differential Pressure Transmitter is used for level, density, pressure, and flow measurement of liquid, gas, and steam with high accuracy.

How does a Differential Pressure Transmitter Work?

The differential pressure transmitter uses a piezoresistive sensor as the sensing element, silicon oil is filled between the die and two diaphragms. When the measured differential pressure is added on the two diaphragms, the pressure could be transferred onto the die through silicon oil. The sensor die connects with an amplifier circuit through wires, and uses the semiconductor's piezoresistive effect to transform the differential pressure signal into the electric signal. Since the signal output of the Wheatstone bridge on the die has a good linear relationship with the differential pressure, the differential pressure can be accurately measured.  Industrial pressure sensors and transmitters are widely used in general and process control industries.

Where is the Differential Pressure Transmitter Used?

Differential pressure transducers and differential pressure transmitters designed and developed by Micro Sensor can provide different pressure ranges, different materials, different output signals, etc., and customized services with our professional R&D team. These transmitters adopt the piezoresistive principle. Micro Sensor is a world-renowned supplier of pressure sensors, transmitters, and flowmeters. Stable and reliable differential pressure measurement with high accuracy has become a brand recognized by global customers. There are so many applications of the differential pressure transmitter which makes it one of the most sought-after pressure transducers in the market.

Micro Sensor's differential pressure transmitters are widely used for differential pressure measurement, they can also be used for level monitoring in closed tanks like level transmitters. The properties of the differential pressure transmitter have made it possible for it to be used in more than one place. Check out our website to pick out quality differential pressure transducers with good prices for your industry. We have a variety to choose from and you can be sure you will get something that works for your industry.



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