Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters provide accurate measurement and control of temperature. Micro Sensor has various temperature sensors for oil, chemical, food, beverage, etc. Optional measurement ranges up to 1300℃. Multiple outputs meet temperature measurement in different media and environments.
Ttransmitter ( 3 )
Switch ( 0 )
Measuring Range
-200℃~500℃ ( 2 )
-30℃~150℃ ( 0 )
-200℃~1300℃ ( 1 )
Integrated Temperature Transmitter

Integrated Temperature Transmitter


Accuracy: ±1.0%FS
Medium Temperature: -200℃~ 500℃
Output: 4mA ~ 20mADC, RS485, HART
Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter


CNEX approved/CCS approved
Available for customization
WZ Temperature Sensor

WZ Temperature Sensor


Temperature range: -200℃~ 0℃ …1300℃

MicroSensor Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

MicroSensor provides a wide range of temperature transmitters, sensors, and transducers for process control, marine, industrial gases, food and beverage, HVAC and telemetry, etc. The product family includes temperature transmitting controllers, temperature transmitters, and temperature sensors. They have a digital signal output of 4mA~20mA DC, RS485, and HART. One of the things you will notice with the transmitter sensor is you can be sure you will get accuracy in terms of temperature monitoring. By getting the right temperature transmitter, you can be sure your industry can function without an issue.

Temperature transmitters have been introduced in most industries to ensure that the temperatures are kept at optimal levels. When working in a big industry, you should use a high-temperature pressure transmitter or outdoor temperature transmitter since it can still work well under extreme conditions. A remote temperature sensor can monitor the temperature changes even when you are far away. With these sensors, you do not have to worry about the temperature sensor getting spoilt in the process. At MicroSensor, we have worked on ensuring that your temperature transmitters are of good quality and with a temperature range of -200℃~1300℃. Besides, check out the different options of transmitters and choose one that will work efficiently for you and your industry.



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