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    Pressure Sensor and Transmitter for Medical Ventilator System

    Micro Sensor manufactures the pressure sensors and transmitters that may be used in medical ventilator system to help control air or oxygen pressure.

    2020-04-03 16:25:32  |  Details >
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    IoT - Wireless Remote Monitoring

    Here is our Industrial IoT solution. The topology shows products’ rolls in a whole system.

    2019-11-29 12:36:00  |  Details >
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    Level Transmitter Portfolio

    Here is an overview of Level Transmitters, categorized by application cases: For General Tank Applications:High Performance Submersible Pressure Transmitters:

    2019-11-27 17:05:24  |  Details >
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    Pressure Transmitter  Applied In Petrol Stations

    Volatilization of oil and gas is one of the potential unsafe factors of many gas stations. In the process of unloading and refueling, in addition to the evaporation loss of oil and gas, the toxicity of oil and gas harms personal safety and causes air pollution which is also the most concerned issue today.

    2019-11-27 09:36:30  |  Details >
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    Lightning-proof Usage Instructions for Submersible Level Transmitters in Thunder

    Most submersible liquid level transmitters are installed in the outdoor field for reservoir and river water level measurement. The level transmitter should be installed in places with lightning protection devices. For areas where lightning strikes often occur, special lightning protection measures should be taken.

    2019-11-25 17:15:00  |  Details >
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    Farseer Wireless Level Transmitter

    NB-IoT network Wireless NB-IoT network Low power consumption design, battery powered Ultra-low power consumption, integrated high-energy lithium battery, with a service life of more than 2 years

    2019-11-19 14:08:16  |  Details >
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    Water Submersible Wireless Sensor

    Application of Pressure Transmitter Controller in Reform and Automatic
    Control of Hydropower Station Governor
    SystemTransmitter Controller in Reform and Automatic Control

    2019-11-11 17:51:25  |  Details >
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    Pressure Sensors Portfolio

    Micro Sensor GmbH offers: Pressure Sensor,Pressure Transmitter,Level Transmitter,Flowmeter,IoT/Wireless Monitoring

    2019-11-02 10:27:00  |  Details >
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    Flow Meter Portfolio

    Wide measuring range: DN10~DN500.Not influenced by the fluid density, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity changes. Suitable for measurement of liquid-solid: Sewage, Slurry, pulp, coal slurry etc.

    2019-11-02 00:00:00  |  Details >
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    MPM6881 Wireless Pressure monitoring for Water Supply Pipeline Network

    The water supply and heating pipeline network is a complex and large-scale fluid pipeline system. With the rapid growth of city development, the increasing pipelines constitute the infrastructure of our modern life.

    2019-10-01 17:11:00  |  Details >