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Hydropower Station Ecological Flow Measurement Solution

Date: 2022-Mar-30

In order to ensure the ecological water use of rivers and lakes, promote the green development of small hydropower stations, and maintain the healthy life of rivers, the Ministry of Water Resources issued "Notice of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the Ministry of Water Resources on Strengthening the Supervision of Ecological Flows of Small Hydropower Stations in the Yangtze River Economic Belt" (Shuidian [2019] No. 241). In order to do a good job in the supervision and construction of the ecological flow of small hydropower stations, the stations need to measure the amount of discharged water and monitor the discharge flow data of hydropower stations in real-time, so as to ensure the normal ecological function of the river.
Of course, due to the variety of drainage methods, different drainage methods also have different monitoring equipment requirements.

Pipeline Drainage:

Pipeline drainage features a fast flow rate, large flow, and easy measurement, but it also has high requirements for the installation of measurement equipment. So electromagnetic or ultrasonic flowmeters are generally selected in consideration of the high precision and convenient installation, which is similar to general water supply pipeline flow measurement (Attention: confirm the on-site pipeline air bubbles and full pipes).

Channel Drainage:

Channel drainage includes regular channels and irregular channels. The water quality is complex and the monitoring is difficult. Generally, on-site civil construction is required, and regular channels are constructed to measure the flow. Therefore, flow meters such as Doppler open channels and radar open channels are used to measure the flow.
Micro Sensor can provide different monitoring equipment for different drainage methods, helping to accurately monitor the amount of water discharged from hydropower stations.

MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter:


MFE600E, developed by Micro Sensor, is a smart flowmeter using advanced technology. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high reliability, good stability, and long service life.
● Measurement accuracy is not affected by changes of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity
● There are no obstructing flow parts in the measuring pipe, no pressure loss
● Simple structure, easy installation, low requirements for the straight pipe section
● No mechanical inertia, sensitive response, can measure instantaneous pulsating flow, with good linearity
● Only the lining and electrodes from the sensor part are in contact with the medium and as long as the electrode and lining materials are reasonably selected, they can be resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring long-term use
● Adopt multi-electrode structure, high accuracy, equipped with the ground electrode, no need for the ground ring, cost-saving
● When powered off, EEPROM can save the set parameters and the accumulated flow value
● Converter adopts low-power single-chip microcomputer for data processing, with reliable performance, high precision, low power consumption, and stable zero point.
● The dot-matrix LCD display with wide temperate and backlight displays parameters such as cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, flow rate, flow percentage, etc. The display is intuitive and the operation is convenient.
● The two-way measurement system can measure forward and reverse flow.

MRO-D Doppler Open Channel Flowmeter:

Acoustic Doppler Point Velocity Meter/Flowmeter is used for online monitoring of water flow velocity, water level, temperature, instantaneous flow, and cumulative flow for rivers, open channels, pipelines, and other scenarios.
With flow velocity measured by the ultrasonic Doppler principle and the water level measured by the ultrasonic time difference method or the static pressure method, the flow rate can be calculated by setting the cross-section. Doppler flowmeter features compact structure, no rotating parts, long life, simple use and maintenance-free.

MRO-R Radar Open Channel Flowmeter:

Radar open channel flowmeter is a non-contact integrated flow monitoring device, which can realize real-time measurement of water level, flow rate and flow in rivers, open channels, reservoirs, sewage pipe networks, flood control and early warning. It is a small volume radar flowmeter used for flow monitoring of open channels and underground pipe networks in irrigation areas.
The product measures the water velocity and water level through microwave technology, and converts the cross-section flow and cumulative flow according to the built-in software algorithm. Using 24GHz and 60GHz microwaves to measure flow velocity and water level respectively, the measurement results are not affected by ambient temperature, air pressure, water vapor, water pollutants and sediments. The outstanding features are small size and low power consumption, especially suitable for applications with solar power supplied and with demanding power supply requirements.


Whether in the product structure, material selection, manufacturing process, production assembly and factory testing, Micro Sensor pays attentions to every aspect. With a water tower up to 37m as a stabilizer for flow calibration and a professional electromagnetic flowmeter production equipment line, Micro Sensor also designed and developed large-scale production software and hardware dedicated to electromagnetic flowmeters, so as to ensure a long-term product quality.
Micro Sensor can also provide professional monitoring equipment and customized solutions for applications such as urban water supply and drainage pipeline networks, odorous water, natural rivers, open channels, reservoirs, flow field analysis for scientific research and liquid level detection, etc. Feel free to contact us.

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