Oil Pressure Sensors

MicroSensor is a professional manufacturer of oil pressure sensors, oil pressure transmitters, and pressure transducers, providing pressure monitoring, and liquid level monitoring solutions for the oil tank, and gas tanks in the oil & gas and chemical industries.

Oil Pressure Sensors

Oil Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

Oil Pressure Sensors

MicroSensor offers oil pressure sensors with a broad range of uses in the industrial oil and gas industry and more. It has been heavily involved in numerous intelligent upgrade initiatives in petrochemical-related sectors.
Large-scale, intelligent, highly automated, and information production system has become an unavoidable trend in the chemical and petroleum sectors. Among the whole monitoring system, the oil pressure measurement is one of the most important parts, thus has strict requirements for the instruments such as oil pressure sensors and oil pressure transmitters.

Oil Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

Oil storage tanks and gas pipelines are essential for gas transport and storage, covering numerous industry connections and having the broadest range of uses.
MicroSensor has created and produced reliable pressure sensors, including fuel oil pressor sensors, fuel tank pressor sensors, and fuel pressure sensors among others to keep an eye on the condition of pipelines and storage tanks for oil. Our oil pressure sensors are digital pressure sensors that are lightweight and stable.

What Do Oil Pressure Sensors Do?

In oil and gas applications, pressure sensors and pressure transducers are used widely which nearly involved all kinds of pressure types in the process of measuring, such as gauge, absolute, differential pressure, high pressure, micro differential pressure, etc. 

Oil pressure sensors are commonly used to measure the pressure and level of oil. In the petroleum industry, in the process of oil storage and transportation, the oil pressure sensor is used to intelligently monitor the oil tank to monitor the pressure and liquid level in real-time.

Our engineers are well-experienced in this application, they know the challenges and complexities of oil and gas processes clearly in real life, and put our technology into the applications to provide pressure measuring solutions for customers to ensure the process and product safety.

What Applications and Solutions Micro Sensor Offer in Oil and Gas Industry?

Micro Sensor has been deeply involved in many intelligent upgrade projects in petrochemical-related industries and owns a wide range of applications in this field. We have accumulated profound experience and can provide customers with customized products and solutions with our oil pressure sensors and transmitters such as Oil/Gas Storage and Transportation System Monitoring, Oil and Gas Online Monitoring System, and Recovery Device in Gas Station and  Oilfield Water Injection Measurement and Control, etc.



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