Submersible Liquid Level Transmitters
MPM426W Series Submersible Level Sensor

Fuels, lubricants, chemicals, pesticides, and some specific aqueous solutions in industrial production or transportation trade systems are transferred by storage tanks, so it is essential to hold environmental information (position, temperature, liquid level, pressure, etc.) of the tanks in the whole system.

MPM426W Series submersible liquid level transmitters, developed and produced by Micro Sensor, belong to the effective tools for stable, accurate, and real-time monitoring of liquid level, pressure, and temperature in storage tanks. MPM426W Series will greatly benefit users who require efficient inventory management, goods transportation, remote monitoring, and overflow prevention through intelligent design and optimization.

Check the detail video of submersible level transmitter MPM426W series for fuel and chemical

MPM426W Series Lever Sensor

Excellent sealing and media compatibility

Fully sealed construction,
perfluoroether rubber sealing gasket,
and a variety of cable
materials including PUR, PFA, etc.

Removable caps

Various end cap options for adapting to
mobile tank truck and
side installation of tank bottom, etc.
  • Multiple output modes

    Multiple output modes

    4mA~20mA, 1V~5V, 0.5V~4.5V … RS485-Modbus, etc.
  • Low Power Consumption Level Sensor

    Low power consumption

    Standby power consumption ≤ 10μA,average operating current ≤ 3mA,with automatic sleep mode and longer battery life to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Temperature Measuring of  Level Sensor

    Besides the level and pressure monitoring

    The temperature of the media can also be measured.

How is the Level Transmitter installed?

  • Threaded Level Transmitter


  • Submersible Liquid Level Sensor


  • Magnetic Level Transmitter

    Magnetic installation

What Certificates does the Level Transmitter Obtain?

Certification Type Executive Standard Ex Marking Applicable Countries
Level Transmitter Explosion-proof Certificate EN IEC 60079-0
EN 60079-11
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga European Union
MicroSensor Lever Sesnor IEC Certificate IEC 60079-0
IEC 60079-11
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga International
MicroSensor Level Probe CSA Certificate CSA/UL 60079-0
CSA/UL 60079-11
ANSI/UL 913-2019
CSA/UL 61010-1
Class I,Division 1,Groups A,B,C,D T4
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
Class I,Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T4 Ga
North America
MicroSensor MPM426W Series CE CertificatesLevel Probe ROHS Certificate

Technical Specifications

Media Compatibility
MPM426WPF is mainly used for monitoring oil products, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.
MPM426WPC is often used for monitoring chemicals, such as methanol, ethanol, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), diesel coolant, etc.
Notes: both products can also be used in other media requiring higher corrosion resistance, protection performance or explosion proofing.
Level range: 0mH2O~2mH2O...200mH2O
Pressure range: 0bar~0.2bar...350bar
Level and pressure: ±0.25%FS/±0.5%FS/±1%FS
Temperature reference accuracy: ±0.5℃
Compensated Temp.
≤ ±0.2% FS/year
Compensated Temp.
Working Temperature
MPM426WPF: -20°C~80°C (PUR), -10°C~70°C (PE / PVC)
MPM426WPC: -30°C~80°C (PFA)
Wetted Material
Housing: SS 316L
Cap: SS 316L / POM / Magnetic, SS 316L
Cable: PUR / PE / PVC / PFA
Sealing gasket material: HNBR(MPM426WPF), FFPM/FFKM(MPM426WPC)
NPT1/4 male thread
MPM426W series Level Transmitter Flier

MPM426W series Flier

Submersible Level Transmitter for Fuel and Chemical

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