Two Common Calibration Methods for Flow Meters

Date: 2022-Apr-21


Hello everyone, Dr. Mike introduced the calibration of the Micro Sensor flowmeter in the last issue. So what are the principles and steps of the two calibration methods?

Standard meter method: It consists of monitoring equipment, fluid source, test pipeline, standard flow meter and control equipment.


Flowmeter Calibration Methods

Calibration principle: take the standard flowmeter as the standard device, make the fluid continuously pass through the standard flowmeter and the tested flowmeter, th compare the output instantaneous flow value or the cumulative flow value within a period of time of the two.

Calibration range: measurement range (2.2-2200) m³/h, pipe diameter range DN (25-500) mm, measurement value deviation is 0.12%.

Detailed Operation Steps and Advantages of Static Mass Method

After introducing the standard meter method, let's talk about static mass method.

The components of the static mass method are the water source and pressure environment provided by the water tower, the test pipeline, the weighing system, the test start and stop equipment, and the control equipment,etc.

Static Mass Method of Flowmeter 

Install the flowmeter to be tested in the pipeline, put the water in the water tower into the calibration pipeline through the air eliminator and filter, and adjust the flow through the flow control valve. When the flow condition meet the calibartion requirements, change the water in the pipeline into the weighing container through the steering gear, and start the timer and pulse counter at the same time. Finally, the standard flow is calculated by weighing m, timing t, and flow pulse N, comparing the flowmeter reading, and finally completing the calibration.

You might be curious why the water in the water tower is needed as the calibration water source? because the water tower pressure stabilization method we use is the most common method in China and can achieve the best pressure stabilization effect, and the stability of the device flow is  aminly depends on the stability of the water tower.


1. The device has high precision: the uncertainty of the flow device reaches the first-class fluid flow device level of better than 0.05%, and has passed the appraisal and audit of the Shaanxi Metrology Institute.

2. Strong practicability: Micro Sensor's calibration device has the advantages of reliability, stability and high accuracy of the static mass method, and also the advantages of high efficiency of the standard meter method, the device does not need frequent reversal, and has a long service life. It can meet the production calibration of various flowmeters, and can calibrate electromagnetic flowmeters in the range from DN15 to DN500.

How does the Micro Sensor flow calibration maintain high accuracy?

Our 35-meter-high water tower has the following advantages:

① 200 cubic volume

② the first in the northwest China

③ special overflow device

④ high water level and large volume.


It makes the fluctuation of the calibration measurement liquid level not more than 8mm, and achieves a high stability better than 0.1%. Although the operation steps of the two calibration methods are different, they both provide a reliable guarantee for improving the accuracy, repeatability, linearity, stability and reliability of the high-precision electromagnetic flowmeter.

Well, this is the introduction to flowmeter calibration for today. What do you want to know in the next issue, leave messages below and we will reply you very soon.


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