How to Calibrate the Electromagnetic Flowmeter?

Date: 2022-Jan-29

MicroSensor Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Why Does The Flow Meter Need To Be Calibrated?

In the process of flowmeter production, multiple steps such as coil winding, lining processing, and electrode assembly are required. This series of operations will cause certain errors and dispersion of the equipment, so a calibration process is required to correct the accuracy. The calibration step usually uses the actual flow calibration to obtain the slope value and intercept value of the sensor characteristic equation. These two values are used to determine whether the accuracy is up to the standard, to ensure the flowmeter with high linearity and high accuracy before it is put into use.

What Method Will Be Used For Flow Meter Calibration?

Generally, there are two common methods for calibrating flow meters, the standard meter method and the static mass method.

The liquid flow standard device of the standard meter method is mainly composed of a fluid source, a test pipeline, a standard flow meter and a control device. The standard flow meter is usually used as the standard device, the fluid continuously pass through the standard flow meter and the tested flow meter and then compare these two output instantaneous flow values. Or compare the cumulative flow value over a period of time to determine the measurement performance of the flowmeter being tested. The standard flowmeter can give the standard flow according to the verification flow point or the verification flow range.


Micro Sensor has a "Metering Standard Assessment Certificate". The measuring range of water flow standard device in the standard meter method is (2.2-2200) m³/h, the pipe diameter range is DN (25-500) mm with a deviation of 0.12%. This method has significant value in facilitating the transfer of measurement values, expanding the flow range, and improving the verification efficiency, and it is a common calibration method in the global flowmeter industry.


Another method is the static mass method. The liquid flow device required by this method is mainly composed of the water source provided by the water tower and the constant pressure environment, the test pipeline, the weighing system, the test start and stop equipment, and the control equipment.

When calibrating the flow meter, install the flow meter to be tested in the pipeline, and the water in the water tower flows into the calibration pipeline through the deaerator and filter, and adjust the flow through the flow regulating valve. 


After the flow state reaches the flow rate required by the verification, the water in the pipeline is changed into the weighing container through the commutator, and the timer and pulse counter are started at the same time. Finally, the standard flow rate is calculated by weighing m, timing t, and flow pulse N, compare the readings of the flowmeter, and finally complete the calibration.

For Micro Sensor MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter, the measurement range is not affected by physical parameters such as fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, etc. With high measurement accuracy, no mechanical inertia, and sensitive response, it has good stability and can be used in automatic detection and adjustment of program-controlled systems. In case of power failure, EEPROM can save the set parameters and cumulative flow value.


Micro Sensor flowmeter has always adopted strict calibration methods to ensure the equipment with high measurement accuracy and excellent performance. It can be widely used in petroleum, water resources, sewage discharge, and other fields, providing customers with professional measurement solutions. For more information, feel free to contact us.


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