Brief Introduction for Gold Wire Bonding and Laser Welding of Pressure Sensors

Date: 2022-Jan-29

It is necessary to introduce in advance that all operations performed by the Micro Sensor must be completed in a clean and dust-free environment in the purification workshop, and have very high requirements for the level of technology.

· First of all, let's introduce gold wire bonding, also known as pressure bonding, bonding, and wire bonding. Of course, gold wire ball bonding is undoubtedly the most commonly used method. The principle is to use heat pressure source or ultrasonic energy to connect chip pads and package pins with gold wires. Because the first solder joint is spherical, it is called "Gold wire ball bonding". In the sensor production process, the bonding pads on the chip and the sintered seat tube legs are bonded with a gold wire ball bonding machine, so that power supply and signal acquisition to the chip are realized by sintering the seat tube legs.

· Later, it is necessary to complete the laser welding of the diaphragm, the work principle mainly relies on the excellent directivity and high power density of the laser beam. In the sensor manufacturing process, it is usually used for the welding of the corrugated diaphragm and the sintered seat. Micro Sensor uses a fiber laser for continuous laser welding. The continuous laser is characterized by ultra-high light frequency and relatively stable and low single pulse energy. After penetration control, we can get a uniform and smooth welding seam that basically no need to be polished, and the sensor can maintain better reliability and consistency.

Nowadays, Micro Sensor uses these two technologies mentioned above to produce pressure sensors through automated equipment and professional production lines, making the sensor manufacturing process more automated, standardized, and large-scale, producing thousands of products with excellent performance and high quality. 


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