In What Environment Should the Electromagnetic Flowmeter Be Used?

Date: 2022-Jan-29

Its installation can be divided into five types: pipe flange connected electromagnetic flowmeter, sanitary clamp-type electromagnetic flowmeter, threaded connected electromagnetic flowmeter, insertion electromagnetic flowmeter and battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters.

What Are the Advantages of Electromagnetic Flowmeters?

The measurement accuracy of the electromagnetic flowmeter is not affected by changes in the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity of the fluid; also the flow and pressure can be monitored simultaneously.


The main advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters are the following 5 points:

1. The measuring channel is a smooth straight pipe, which is not blocked and is suitable for measuring liquid-solid two-phase fluids containing solid particles, such as pulp, mud, sewage, etc.

2. No pressure loss during the flow detection process, energy-saving friendly.

3. The measured volume flow is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity.

4. Wide flow range

5. It can be applied to corrosive fluids.

How to Choose a Suitable Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Measurement in Different applications?

The selection of electromagnetic flowmeter mainly includes three important parameters of medium, temperature, and pressure.

Generally, when the measured medium has a certain conductivity (>5μS/cm), if there is a higher standard for flow measurement accuracy, it is recommended to use an electromagnetic flowmeter, and which process connection product to use is determined according to the on-site installation type, the applicable lining and electrode materials varies according to the composition of the medium.

Based on years of experience, Micro Sensor knows that the main requirements when dealing with projects of water companies are to monitor the water supply network and reduce leakage. For one water company, there will be nearly 100 such monitoring sites. 

Since the water supply pipe network was built relatively early, many branch pipe networks were not equipped with flowmeters, and the water company has requirements for the accuracy of pipeline flow monitoring, so the products that need to be selected must have high precision, good stability, and with large diameter, so we recommend MFE600E series electromagnetic flowmeter, and through the installation of wireless function, the collected data can be wirelessly sent to the water company big data platform. 


In a sewage treatment project, the customer uses our electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the total amount of collected sewage. The product is installed in the sewage well. The site environment is harsh, mainly containing corrosive liquids and with high humidity. There may be rust on the surface of the sensor. The customer reported that the electromagnetic flowmeter used before has signs of rust, and the data fluctuates dramatically, which cannot meet the customer's requirements. This has increased the challenge for our company to choose more suitable products for customers.


Our site engineers team visited the customer twice, according to the actual application conditions of the customer site, engineers made targeted adjustments to the product and offered guidance on correct selection and installation for customers. In addition, special treatment has been done to the sensor's painting process to prevent rust from appearing. At present, 235 sets of our MFE600E series pipe-section electromagnetic flowmeters are installed and used, and the on-site use effect is good without any bad conditions.


Above is a brief introduction about how to select a suitable electromagnetic flowmeter based on certain applications. Micro Sensor offers pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for fluid pressure measurement in industrial process control too.


For more details, please contact us via or leave messages below, our sales engineer is ready to provide you with professional customized solutions.


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