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Industrial Storage Tank Level Monitoring Solution

Date: 2022-Jan-29

Remote monitoring through digital monitoring equipment is a method that not only provides data support for fuel supply manufacturers, optimizes fuel delivery routes, but also improves production efficiency and reduces costs. It is a more reliable and accurate choice for modern times.
Based on different tanks, accuracy requirements, installation requirements and price demands, Micro Sensor provides a variety of reliable products for customers to use in the monitoring process.
In the process of oil level measurement of large bulk storage tanks, mini-bulk storage tanks, and above storage tanks, submersible liquid level transmitters are commonly applied, using the principle of hydrostatic pressure measurement, and can be connected with remote data terminals through cables. The MPM489W integrated submersible level transmitter and MPM426WPF fully welded liquid level transmitter can be used to ensure the accurate measurement of fuel level with more reliable performance.
When measuring the liquid level of Mini-Bulk Storage tanks and horizontal storage tanks, sensors are usually installed at the bottom of the tank body where the storage tank that are connected to the atmosphere through different threaded ports. The MPM489 pressure transmitter and MPM4730 pressure transmitter are easy to install, compatible with a variety of different media, suitable for all kinds of oil products and have obtained explosion-proof certifications. MPM489 pressure transmitter supports Zero and FS output adjustment, it can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure, and can be customized according to project conditions. The MPM4730 pressure transmitter has high accuracy and good stability, supports digital output, and can maintain accurate measurement in the fluid pressure of various industries at -30°C to 80°C. 
And a common type of tank in oil storage tanks is underground storage tanks. Magnetostrictive liquid level transmitters are usually used in the process of measuring the internal liquid level of such tanks. The liquid is monitored by detecting the level of the magnets contained within the float. MLM liquid level sensor is installed inside the tank through the existing nozzle on the top of the tank. With strong anti-pollution ability, it is suitable for harsh industrial environments. MLM can monitor multiple positions and temperature points at the same time, and it has accurate measurement and stable performance, convenient to install.
In the monitoring process of large bulk storage tanks, mini-bulk storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks and above storage tanks, ultrasonic and radar level gauges will be used. The LKZLD type intelligent radar level gauge and the LR725 ultrasonic level gauge can be used in various complex working conditions, such as non-contactable media. The products are easy to install, have strong applicability, and are stable and reliable.
In the case of liquid level monitoring in sealed tanks, large bulk storage tanks, small bulk storage tanks, and other storage tanks, a differential pressure transmitter is used to determine the level height inside a pressurized tank by measuring the difference in pressure between the bottom and top of the tank. So as to monitor the height of the liquid level. MDM3051S smart differential pressure transmitter, as a high-precision, high-temperature smart differential pressure transmitter, is usually used for high-precision and high-stability monitoring of oil level in the sealed tanks or tanks with vent holes, it is with high performance and high stability.
If the above products cannot meet the needs of the project, Micro Sensor can provide more customized solutions and products to meet various integration needs. 


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