MPM4511A Series Pressure Transmitters for Engineering Machinery

Date: 2024-Mar-08



As towering skyscrapers rise from the ground and as bridges and dams are successfully constructed, the support of engineering machinery is indispensable in these achievements. Engineering machinery has become an essential component in the field of construction. In the face of various types of engineering machinery operating in harsh environments and under high workloads, ensuring their normal operation and safe performance is no simple task.

Pressure Transmitters for Engineering Machinery


Micro Sensor has developed the MPM4511A pressure transmitter, tailored for the engineering machinery industry. While ensuring high accuracy, high stability and reliability, it also improves the product's anti-vibration and impact resistance.

MPM4511A pressure sensor

Advantage 1: High accuracy and good stability

The product boasts high sensitivity, with a measurement accuracy of ±0.5%FS at 25℃, and long-term stability reaching ±0.25%FS/year, making it especially suitable for use in demanding conditions and harsh environments.

Advantage 2: High overload, excellent anti-interference and temperature resistance

The product utilizes Silicon Micro-fused gage technology, with the sensor featuring a stainless steel structure. No "O-rings or leakage hazards.

Combined with a specific damping structure, the product effectively withstands potential instantaneous pressure shocks within hydraulic systems of engineering machinery, adapting to high-pressure overload conditions.

Furthermore, with overall digital temperature compensation and calibration, single or dual outputs are available (with dual outputs possessing PLD safety certification), ensuring high safety standards.

Advantage 3: Compact and multiple structures available

The product is designed to be flexible and compact, offering a variety of optional exterior structures. Additionally, we can provide customized products to meet specific customer requirements. 


• Range: 0bar ~ 16bar…700bar

• Accuracy: ≤ ±0.5%FS (25℃)

• Long-term stability: ≤±0.25%FS/Year(Max.)

• Overload: ≤ 2×FS (0~700bar)

                  ≤ 3×FS (0~50bar)               

• Burst pressure: ≤5×FS

• Product output: Single output/dual output


• Compensation temperature: -10℃~ 80℃

• Operating temperature: -40℃~ 125℃

• Vibration: 20g, 10Hz~2000Hz

• Impact: Half sine 100g, 11ms


MPM4511A series pressure transmitters can be utilized not only in engineering machinery, but also in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, energy and water treatment systems, refrigeration systems, industrial process control and automatic detection systems, pump or compressor, and HVAC systems. 


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