New Release in Process Industry丨MDM6000 Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Date: 2023-Mar-16

Micro Sensor MDM6000 series intelligent pressure transmitter adopts high-performance monocrystalline silicon composite pressure sensing technology, with high precision and reliable stability.

The product has a variety of forms and modular function designs, which can be widely used in petrochemical, food and medicine, pulp and paper, industrial gas, and other general process industries, offering safe, efficient, and reliable measurement solutions for the automatic control of industrial processes. 

MDM6000 series differential pressure transmitters


High precision: the accuracy of the calibration range reaches 0.075%, 0.1%, 0.2%

Long-term stability: ±0.2% SPAN/5 years

Multi-parameter measurement: It can be used for pressure/differential pressure, liquid level/level, density, and flow measurement of liquids, gases, mixed liquids, etc.

Output signal: 4~20mA DC, HART communication protocol, and industrial bus protocol such as RS485-Modbus

Convenient operation: the application site can set parameters, monitor, and test through buttons, hand-held device,s or PC terminals.

Reliable protection: explosion-proof certification, low-copper aluminum alloy shell, stable quality



pressure transmitter for petroleum


differential pressure transmitter for oil and gas

Pulp and paper

pressure measurement for pulp and paper


intelligent pressure transmitter in metallurgy

Food and beverage

food and beverage with pressure equipments

Medical Health

pressure sensor for medical health

Micro Sensor will continue to develop more products for the process industry in the future, stay tuned.

For more information, please contact us freely.


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