OEM & ODM Custom Solutions for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Date: 2021-Feb-23

In various flow measurement applications, we understand that the installation conditions are complex, or the measured medium is special, you may need to customize your electromagnetic flowmeter products.

Micro Sensor's OEM & ODM Custom Solutions team is dedicated to meeting the need for custom flowmeters. With our successful flow meter design experience over the years, we can modify our existing flowmeter to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Private Label, or general customer needs as an OEM/ODM-Flow meters manufacturer.

Customized Items We Can Offer

We can provide customized flowmeter products according to the requirements of the customer's working conditions, in order to adapt to the unique application requirements of the customer's site. We can provide different specifications, like accuracy, electrodes, liners, flanges, output types, installation methods, opening interface display, front mask, structure and body color, installation methods, etc.

Through the customization and combination of these specifications, our goal is to provide you with the most suitable, stable, reliable, cost-effective electromagnetic flowmeter for OEM & ODM applications.

customized flowmeter

Our Advantages

Self-Verification Ability for Various Experiments

· Alternating damp heat compound salt spray corrosion test chamber

· Electromagnetic vibration table

· High and low-temperature experiment box

· RoHS detector

· Insulation Resistance Tester

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

· Power frequency magnetic field immunity tester

· Electrical fast transient pulse group simulator

· Combined wave lightning surge simulator

· Electrostatic discharge simulator

High-Accuracy Calibration System

· Calibration Pipeline  & Automatic Control System Software Interface

· Pressure Stabilizing Device

The pressure stabilizing device adopts the best effect of water tower method to stabilize the voltage. The height of the water tower is 40 meters, and the height of the liquid level of the water tower is 37 meters. A stable flow rate can be formed in the measuring pipeline. A degassing and filter are installed on the pipeline to eliminate bubbles and impurities in the fluid.

water tower for flow meter calibration

· Standard Flow Calibration Pipeline

Nine standard flow calibration pipelines can be used to calibrate DN6~DN800 flowmeters by reducing their diameter. Larger pipe diameters can be calibrated through diameter expansion and standard table methods.

flow meter production line

· Weighing Apparatus and Signal Acquisition System

The core of the static mass method is the weighing instrument. Use high-precision weighing instruments whose accuracy is 0.05%. The signal acquisition system uses high-precision acquisition instruments and uses the DCS system, which has high precision and good stability.

flowmeter weighing system

If you have any unique requirements or request your OEM solutions for a quotation, feel free to contact us via sales@microsensor.cn or leave messages below.


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