Pressure Measurement Solutions to Industrial Mechanical Equipment

Date: 2022-Jan-29

This solution mainly focuses on three types of mechanical equipment: injection molding machine, industrial printer, and shield machine.

Injection Molding Machine

M20 Pressure Transmitter for Injection Molding Machine 

An injection molding machine is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products by using plastic molding molds.

Micro Sensor M20 pressure transmitter is specially developed for the servo system of the injection molding machine. The product is mainly used in the hydraulic oil circuit system of the injection molding machine. It can monitor the pressure value of the hydraulic oil circuit system of the injection molding machine in real time, and provide a reliable closed-loop control feedback signal for the stable operation of the hydraulic servo system of the injection molding machine.

Industrial Printer

pressure sensor for industrial printer 

There are many kinds of industrial printers. The main working principle is to use the built-in ink nozzle. Driven by the printing signal, pressure is applied to the ink to make the ink in the nozzle eject, and a pattern is formed on the surface of the printing paper. the smaller the drop, the clearer the printed image. Therefore, in order to ensure the printing effect of an inkjet printer, it is necessary to control the pressure applied to the ink through a pressure sensor with high precision and sensitivity, so as to achieve the ideal inkjet effect.

The appearance, assembly size and sealing method of Micro Sensor MPM280P pressure sensor are consistent with similar products international. The MPM3801 pressure transmitter is composed of an oil-filled OEM pressure-sensitive element isolated by a stainless steel corrugated diaphragm into a stainless steel housing, which has excellent corrosion resistance and long-term stability. The M20 pressure transmitter is suitable for general industry, fully digital temperature compensation and calibration, it has reliable performance and high cost performance. The product has now passed multiple international certifications, and the selection and options are rich and flexible.

Shield Machine

The shield machine is a tunnel boring machine using the shield method. It excavates the soil while advancing along the axis of the tunnel, and uses the outer shell to support the excavated unlined tunnel, and sometimes bear groundwater pressure.

Working in this harsh construction environment, in addition to having high requirements on the accuracy, sensitivity and stability of the measuring instrument, it also requires a stable structure, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and the diaphragm will not be damaged by hard sand and gravel.

Pressure Transmitter for Shield Machine 

Micro Sensor MPM489/MPM489 flush membrane type pressure transmitter adopts high stability and high reliability pressure sensor and high-performance transmitter-specific circuit, and the overall performance is stable and reliable. The electronic housing of the MPM483 pressure transmitter is made of aluminum alloy, IP65 protected, and it supports a variety of signal outputs. It can be applied to the open-air site with harsh environment and occasions that require to be able to observe the pressure display on-site and zero migration and range adjustment.

The measurement accuracy of MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity. it has compact structure, convenient installation, not high requirements for straight pipe section. MFE600E adopts a liquid crystal display with a wide temperature range and backlight. The product owns complete practicality functions and intuitive display, convenient to operate and use, which can reduce the trouble of on-site installation, use, and maintenance.

In addition, Micro Sensor also provides professional measurement solutions for mining hydraulic supports, aerial work platform hydraulic presses, air compressors, and other fields. We can provide customized products and professional equipment for more customers in different fields with professional equipment and monitoring solutions.


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