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Date: 2022-Jan-29

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sensor and transmitters Certificates 

Differences Between Pressure Sensors and Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are known as pressure sensors in some areas.

A pressure sensor generally refers to a sensitive element that converts a changing pressure signal into a corresponding changing resistance signal or capacitance signal, such as a piezoresistive element, piezocapacitive element, and so on. 

Pressure transmitter generally refers to a complete set of circuit units for measuring pressure composed of pressure-sensitive elements and conditioning circuits. Generally, it can directly output standard voltage signals or current signals that are linearly related to pressure for instruments, PLCs, acquisition cards, etc. collected directly from the device.

The difference between a pressure sensor and a pressure transmitter is that the output of the pressure sensor is an mV signal while the pressure transmitter outputs a standard voltage signal, current signal, and digital signal.

With years of experience in developing and manufacturing piezoresistive pressure sensing and measuring products since the 1970s, Micro Sensor offers pressure transmitters, pressure sensors as well as level sensors and transmitters. We offer standard pressure sensors and transmitters and we customize our transmitters for specific needs in both general and the process industry.


1. Pressure Sensor Modules Capability

Pressure Sensor Modules 

Micro Sensor offers oil-filled piezoresistive pressure sensors for most of the liquid and air measurement, Fluorolube oil-filled sensors with cleaning process for O2 measurement, and golden coating type for H2 measurement. Based on specifications like materials, diameters, and threads, etc, we can offer customized pressure sensors.

MicroSensor pressure sensors 

2. Static Pressure Transmitters and Level Transmitters

Micro Sensor offers static pressure transmitters as well as level transmitters, suitable in industrial process control for pressure measurement such as water liquid, petroleum, diesel, DEF, and tanks, etc.

Static Pressure Transmitters 

3. 7000 Series Smart Pressure Transmitter for Process Industry

The MDM7000 Series intelligent pressure transmitter is used in process industry, such as the petrochemical industry, papermaking and metallurgy, new energy (lithium battery, hydrogen energy), shipbuilding, food and medicine.

MDM7000 Series intelligent pressure transmitter

MicroSensor Sensors Applications

1. Level Transmitter for Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Remote monitoring through digital monitoring equipment does not only provide data support for fuel supply manufacturers, optimizes fuel delivery routes, but also improves production efficiency and reduces costs.

Based on different tanks, accuracy requirements, installation requirements, and price demands, Micro Sensor provides a variety of reliable products for customers to use in the monitoring process like submersible level transmitters, radar level transmitters, magnetostrictive liquid level sensors, etc.

Details solution and related products here.

Tank Level Monitoring

2. Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitter for Bulk Cryogenic Tank

Industrial gases can be widely used in many industries which have higher requirements. Micro Sensor offers oxygen-cleaned differential pressure transmitters and pressure transmitters. They are Fluorinated oil-filled and widely used for monitoring the liquid level in the cryogenic gas tank to help monitor the real-time pressure values in the production, storage, supply, and use of industrial gases, and realize gas production equipment and storage tanks through supporting systems. Our cleaning standards are compatible with ASTM-93 and CGA 4.0.

Details solution and related products here.

pressure sensor for tanks

3. Pressure Sensors for Inkjet Printers Monitoring Solutions

Pressure sensors in inkjet printers control the pressure applied to the ink to achieve the desired quality of inkjet. MicroSensor provides high-precision and sensitive pressure sensors for industrial inkjet printers. The MPM3801 pressure transmitter outputs a digital IIC or SPI signal, which can monitor pressure and temperature at the same time. The MPM280-PC3 pressure sensor is easy to clean and hard to be blocked thanks to the flush diaphragm and the compact size is more flexible for installation.

Details solution and related products here.

inkjet printer pressure monitoring

4. Pressure Sensor for Coffee Machine Pressure Monitoring

The quality of espresso depends on whether the coffee machine can provide the right amount of steam, and the right temperature of the water. MicroSensor provides coffee machine manufacturers with high-precision and stable pressure sensors, which can monitor the pressure in the high-pressure chamber and the temperature of the water, so as to improve the coffee production efficiency while ensuring the taste and quality of coffee.

Details solution and related products here.

pressure sensor for coffee machine

5. Smart Pressure Transmitter for Pneumatic Conveying System in Lithium Battery

Pressure monitoring of lithium battery pneumatic conveying systems helps ensure the stability and safety of system operation. 

Pressure transmitters are usually installed at critical nodes of the pneumatic conveying system, such as air supply devices, pneumatic conveying pipelines, or gas storage tanks. By monitoring pressure, you can detect pressure changes or fluctuations in the system in time and take necessary measures to ensure the system's normal operation. 

It is recommended to take corresponding maintenance and adjustment measures based on the monitoring results to ensure the normal operation and safety of the lithium battery pneumatic conveying systems.

Details solution and related products here.


6. Pressure & Level Transmitter for Water Treatment 

In water treatment plants, pressure sensors or level transmitter monitoring is designed to help operators ensure the safe and efficient operation of the water treatment process.

Liquid level sensor is commonly used in water tanks, clarifiers, filters, and other parts of water treatment plants. Pressure monitoring monitors pressure changes in pipeline systems and equipment during water treatment. Pressure sensors can also be used to monitor filtration pressure, backwash pressure, etc., in water filtration systems. These data can be used for feedback and adjustment of the control system to ensure the regular operation of the water treatment process.


7. Pressure Monitoring for Ship Ballast Water Tanks

Ship ballast water tanks adjust the center of gravity, buoyancy and stability of the ship. Monitoring and controlling the ballast tank pressure ensures the ship's safety. Micro Sensor provides anti-corrosive level, pressure, and flow measurement solutions to ensure effective management and monitoring.

Pressure Monitoring for Ship Ballast Water Tanks

8. Plasma Cleaning System Pressure Measurement

The pressure monitoring of the gas channel of the plasma cleaning system is used to promptly identify the cause when an alarm occurs and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting. Micro Sensor offers stability and excellent EMC performance of specialized pressure transmitters suitable for a variety of industrial and medical applications.

Plasma Cleaning System Pressure Measurement

9. Smart Pressure Transmitter in Pulp and Paper Industry 

The paper industry requires towers, pools, tanks and other containers during the production process. These containers store and transport large quantities of pulp and chemicals produced during manufacturing. Installing intelligent pressure transmitters in conjunction with computer control systems can provide accurate, stable and reliable pressure, differential pressure, and flow measurements. This reduces process changes, energy usage and equipment downtime for the pulp and paper industry.


Customized Solution

Apart from the applications mentioned above, MicroSensor can provide customized sensors and transmitters according to customers' unique requirements. Whether you need a general type or unique requirements, please feel free to contact us via or leave messages below, we'll help you meet your sensing needs.


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