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Pressure Sensor for Coffee Machine Pressure Monitoring

Date: 2022-Dec-23

The coffee machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the office and life. Coffee machine manufacturers also have a higher and higher pursuit of perfect espresso coffee. They are constantly reforming and innovating, upgrading technology, and constantly improving the quality of compressed coffee.

Usually, the coffee machine equipment commonly used in the office is a fully automatic coffee machine. Pressure sensors are usually used in the extraction circuit. When the water is heated in the high-pressure chamber, a large amount of steam will be generated, which can extract the essence of coffee powder. Therefore, whether the pressure in the high-pressure chamber is accurate and suitable, and whether it can provide suitable steam to extract coffee is very important for coffee machines. At the same time, the pressure sensor is also used for the temperature measurement of the water in the high-pressure chamber to ensure the perfect extraction of coffee.

pressure sensors for coffee machine

Based on the above steps, the pressure sensor for the coffee machine not only needs to be able to provide stable output but also withstand high temperatures. And the high-precision pressure sensor can help greatly reduce the steam pressure recovery time and improve the coffee production efficiency. As a professional pressure sensor manufacturer, Micro Sensor can provide high-precision and stable pressure sensors for espresso machine manufacturers and can also provide customized solutions to suit different equipment requirements. Micro Sensor can provide pressure sensors with high-temperature resistance, easy installation, good EMC interference performance, and long-term stability to help coffee machine manufacturers manufacture high-quality coffee machine equipment.

In the future, Micro Sensor will continue to provide high-stable pressure sensors and customized pressure monitoring solutions to adapt to the design of different coffee machines and help make the perfect espresso.


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