Industrial Gas Tank Monitoring: Bulk Cryogenic Tank Level Monitoring

Date: 2022-Jan-29

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The resulting value indicates the pressure of the cryogenic liquified gas which is finally converted to a precise level value.

Oxygen cleaned Differential pressure transmitters and pressure transmitters are widely used for monitoring the liquid level and pipeline in the cryogenic gas tank. Cleaning standards shall be compatible with ASTM-93 and CGA 4.0.

Since oxygen pressure measurement is quite complex and in this article Micro Sensor will focus on Oxygen pressure measurement solutions.

Oxygen Pressure Measurement Systems

The smart industrial oxygen production and storage monitoring methods you need to know

Oxygen is a widely used gas in industrial production such as in welding, gas welding, gas cutting and so on. The production process of industrial oxygen is to operate the air liquefaction through equipment and store the extracted oxygen or liquid oxygen in a sealed tank, which is convenient for transportation and use.



From production to storage of oxygen, there are many steps that matters

The oxygen extraction process seems simple, but in fact there are various safety hazards in the process from preparation to transportation and storage. If close monitoring is not carried out, dangerous accidents such as explosions may occur in the event of high temperature, open flames or even friction and compression heating. What should be paid attention to from production to storage of industrial oxygen? Let's check the procedure first.

Process Flow Chart

How should oxygen be extracted?

The industrial production method of oxygen generally uses the different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen to separate oxygen. First, the air is purified to remove impurities, etc., and then the air is liquefied under high pressure and low temperature conditions, and the temperature is controlled to evaporate liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen with a lower boiling point will evaporate first, and the rest is light blue liquid oxygen with a higher boiling point, which can be stored under pressure in a cylinder for later use. Therefore, in the process of oxygen production, the pressure is the key to the success of oxygen production.

How should oxygen be transported?

In the process of industrial oxygen transportation, the pipeline must be kept clean, and there must be no combustible residues such as grease and soluble fat. Otherwise, as a strong oxidant, oxygen may burn or explode under friction, compression heat, impact force, arc, resonance, etc.

How should oxygen be stored?

During storage, no flammable items should be placed around, it should be far away from open flames for more than 10 meters and the storage environment temperature should be less than 30℃. When liquid oxygen is stored, the liquid level in the tank should not be lower than 20% at any time. The internal acetylene content needs to be analyzed in accordance with the prescribed time limit, and timely measures should be taken to solve the abnormal situation. The liquid inside the tank should not be left unused for a long time. It needs to be filled and discharged frequently to avoid the concentration of harmful impurities.

According to the above trilogy of oxygen production, it is easy to know that industrial oxygen needs to be closely monitored during the process from production to storage, so as to avoid risks in time and ensure normal operations. Due to the characteristics of oxygen, its monitoring needs to be more demanding. Not only does it have strict requirements for measurement accuracy, but also has prescribed standards for the material of the equipment itself:

1. The monitoring instrument must obtain an explosion-proof version certificate.

2. The monitoring instrument needs to be robust and easy to operate, maintain, calibrate and verify.

3. The monitoring instrument has high accuracy, and the measurement data is stable and reliable.

4. The monitoring instrument needs to adopt the oil-free process, cleaned and packaged according to the oxygen level cleaning process.

Oxygen tank monitoring requires the use of professional instrument, and Micro Sensor provides professional oxygen monitoring equipment

Oxygen pressure monitoring usually uses monitoring instrument filled with inert oil. Micro Sensor provides a variety of products dedicated to oxygen monitoring. They are filled with Fluorinated oil, which has high accuracy, high stability and high safety, specialized for oxygen measurement. Those oxygen pressure measurement instruments are used in the industrial industry, can professionally solve the problem of gas pressure measurement in industrial oxygen storage tanks.




Micro Sensor offers pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement such as MDM290FL, MPM280FL, MPM281VCFL and other series of pressure sensors in dangerous industrial environments. In addition to them, we also provide professional pressure transmitters specialized for oxygen monitoring.


MDM4901FL differential pressure transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement

•Range: 0~0.35bar…35bar

•Power supply: 15V~28V DC

•Output: 2-wire 4mA~20mA DC; 3-wire 0V~5V DC

•Temperature compensated, stable and reliable.

•The product can adjust the zero point and full scale externally.

•Explosion-proof, intrinsic safe version.

•CE/RoHS certified..


MDM6861GFL wireless differential pressure transmitter:

•Multiple ports can be connected to monitor multiple scenes at the same time.

•Battery powered supply, long life span.

•Online monitoring, PC and mobile terminal available, easy for data query.

•Wireless type, support remote monitoring.

•Explosion-proof products, suitable for explosion-proof places


MDM4902FL differential pressure transmitter:

•Range: 0~1.5bar

•Power supply: 3.3V~5V DC

•Output: Digital I2C

•Wide Temperature compensated -10℃~70℃

•Long term stability

Micro Sensor is committed to the research and development of equipment for the oxygen monitoring industry. Based on years of experience, we provide a series of professional industrial oxygen tank storage monitoring solutions and uses rigorous monitoring and accurate data to escort the safe production of the industrial industry. Feel free to contact us via and our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.


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