High-Precision Flowmeter Calibration Device

Date: 2022-Mar-31

MicroSensor Pressure Sensor

The manufacture of high-quality electromagnetic flowmeters requires high-precision flow calibration devices. The flow calibration device is the standard equipment for the measurement department and flowmeter manufacturers to carry out the value transfer, traceability, and verification testing.

flow meter production line

Micro Sensor team developed and built a calibration device that uses a high-level water tower as a pressure stabilization source, combines Static-mass-method and Standard-meter-method to calibrate the electromagnetic flowmeters. Its uncertainty is better than 0.05% of the first-class fluid flow device and has passed the appraisal review of the Shaanxi Metrology Institute.

water tower for flow meter calibration

The 37-meter-high, 200-cubic-volume water tower has a special overflow device designed to make the fluctuation of the water level and liquid level not exceed 8mm during calibration and measurement, and achieve high stability of better than 0.01%. It is the first water tower pressure stabilizer with a high water level, large volume, and high stability in Northwest China.


High accuracy

The accuracy index of the flow calibration device is shown by the uncertainty of the device.

The uncertainty of the first-class liquid flow standard device is 0.03 ~ 0.05%.

Theuncertainty of the second-class liquid flow standard device is 0.1 ~ 0.2%.

The uncertainty of the third-class liquid flow standard device is ± 0.5%.

According to the verification regulations of "JJG 164-2000 Liquid Flow Standard Device", the uncertainty of the device is mainly determined by timing time, commutator, and electronic scale. We have selected the most professional commutator manufacturers and high-precision timers, and Sartorius high-precision electronic scales to ensure that the uncertainty of the flow device is better than 0.05%.

flow calibration device

Strong Practicality

The flow calibration device is a standard solution for liquid flow, combining static mass method and standard meter method. The static mass method verification system can not only calibrate high-precision flow meters within 0.2% but also be used for periodic calibration of the standard meter to ensure the long-term stability of the standard meter. The standard meter method verification system performs real-flow calibration on the meter under test, which retains the advantages of reliable, stable, and high accuracy of the static mass method, and also performs the high efficiency, no need for frequent commutation of the device and long service. The device can work for production calibration of various flowmeters that can be calibrated from DN15 to DN500.

High Stability

The stability of the device flow depends on the stability of the pressure source.

There are three commonly used pressure stabilization methods: water tower pressure stabilization method, container pressure stabilization method, and variable frequency speed regulation method. The container pressure stabilization method has poor flow stability. The variable frequency speed regulation method mainly depends on the change of power frequency and has poor stability. The abroad high-level liquid flow calibration devices generally adopt the water tower overflow pressure stabilization method, but it has relatively high requirements on the environment and site, and cost quite much.

Flowmeter calibration line

At present, the most widely used method in China is the method of variable frequency speed-adjustable water pump plus pressure-stabilizing container. Both the highest-level domestic calibration flow research institutions and the water flow calibration device of the university like Tianjin University's flow laboratory use the water tower pressure stabilization method.

MicroSensorisauthorizedasNationalStatutoryThird-PartyFlowmeterVerificationInstitution. We can provide calibration and calibration testing reports for customers who need testing in the social world.


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