Intelligent Pressure Transmitter in Lithium Battery Pneumatic Conveying System

Date: 2023-Apr-14

With the development of the new energy industry, the lithium battery industry is growing rapidly and has become a new investment focus in the manufacturing sector. In lithium-ion battery manufacturing, anode and cathode materials are the key materials. The lower limit of energy density of lithium-ion battery depends on the anode and cathode materials, which account for 60% to 70% of the cost of lithium-ion battery. Therefore, accelerating the development of anode and cathode materials and improving production processes is not only conducive to improving the comprehensive performance of lithium-ion batteries, but also to solving the high battery costs to some extent.

In the production process of anode and cathode materials, the powder pneumatic conveying system has become the most ideal material conveying equipment for improving the quality and capacity, and achieving process intelligence of the lithium battery industry. It is also the trend of material transportation for modern lithium-ion battery anode and cathode material manufacturers. Enterprises establish an intelligent integrated control system through the connection between the pneumatic conveying system and the production of anode and cathode materials, which can achieve automatic operation of the production system and improve production efficiency.

Application System

Pneumatic conveying, a very important link of cleaner production, is a modern logistics system suitable for conveying bulk materials. It replaces traditional machinery with sealed conveying pipes and conveying solid powder or particles through gas energy. Compared with mechanical conveying methods, pneumatic conveying has prominent advantages such as wide range of materials, high quality of conveyed materials, high conveying efficiency, no pollution to the environment, and simple maintenance. The conveying system mainly consists of conveying equipment, conveying pipelines, material and gas separation equipment, gas source and purification equipment, electrical instruments, etc. With technological innovation, various pneumatic conveying devices have also emerged, laying a good foundation for the development of powder pneumatic conveying.

The anode and cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries belong to micron powder materials, and their production processes are similar to other powder materials, which have problems such as easy to raise dust and low transportation efficiency. Pneumatic conveying system can eliminate product quality problems caused by dust and material contamination from the root, improve conveying efficiency, and reduce labor intensity.


Pneumatic conveying uses air flow as the power to transport powder materials. In industrial production, it is necessary to ensure smooth and stable of material conveying, and avoid situations such as blocking, emitting, and abrasion. In positive and negative pressure conveying systems, the cleaning and dredging of clogged materials is a major problem that needs to be solved urgently. When the machine experiences material blockage, it is necessary to know the location of the material blockage as soon as possible, increase the air supply pressure or dredge it in time, effectively solve equipment failures, and improve production efficiency.

In the production process of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, taking the positive pressure conveying system as an example, the positive pressure conveying equipment can realize the long-distance material transportation of over 100 meters, Materials are transported in the pipeline driven by compressed air with appropriate pressure. When transporting materials with large particles, high viscosity, and poor fluidity, it is easy to cause blockage. Moreover, due to the positive pressure transmission pipeline is very long and the pipe network layout often located at a higher position, it is difficult to inspect the material blockage points, which requires workers to spend a long time knocking or disassembling the pipeline section by section to find the blockage points. The inability to detect the blockage immediately after it occurs can lead to disconnection or even shutdown of the process, affecting production continuity, reducing production capacity, and also affecting material quality.

The detection device for blocking material in positive pressure transportation is mainly composed of pressure transmitters, check valves, gas pipe assemblies, and alarms, which are installed in sections on the positive pressure transportation pipeline and transmitted to the DCS system through signals. When the pipeline is blocked, the pressure at the front end of the blocking point increases, and if the pressure exceeds the set value, the alarm will be given. The signal will be fed back to the central control room, where the computer can display the blocking position. According to the alarm information, workers can quickly dredge the pipeline at the alarm location. After the pipeline is dredged, the pressure difference returns to normal, the alarm is cleared, and production resumes. 


In the pneumatic conveying system for anode and cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries, MicroSensor can provide multiple measuring instruments, such as intelligent pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow meters, etc., which can record, monitor, and control parameter information in the production process at different monitoring points and control points.

MDM6000 Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

MDM6000 series intelligent pressure transmitter adopts advanced monocrystalline silicon piezoresistance technology, and can output 4~20mA+HART, Modbus-RTU/RS485 and other standard signals. The product has communication function, which can carry out two-way communication in the control room, transmitter site and other places connected with the control loop to complete the setting, monitoring and testing of parameters.

Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

  • Range: 20mbar ~400bar

  • Accuracy: ±0.075%, ±0.1%, ±0.2% 

  • Long-term stability: ±0.2% SPAN/5years

  • Working temperature: - 40 ° C~85 ° C

  • Medium temperature: - 45 ℃~105 ℃

  • Output signal: 4mA~20mA DC+HART, Modbus-RTU/RS485

  • Power supply: 10.5V/16.5V~55V DC

  • Protection rating: IP67

  • Certification: Intrinsically Safe (NEPSI), Explosion Proof (NEPSI), CSA, CE (TÜV SÜD), RoHS, IP67, HART


With advanced monocrystalline silicon piezoresistive technology, highly reliable electronic modular design, and precise temperature and linearity correction systems, MicroSensor Intelligent Pressure Transmitter ensures the high accuracy, high stability, and consistency. In the lithium battery project of a new energy enterprise, MicroSensor’s instruments can quickly provide feedback and response to abnormal conditions, greatly improving the smoothness of production. The combination of intelligent differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow meters, and other measuring instruments on the process site has greatly reduced production line failures and improved production efficiency and quality.

·Simple design, rapid and accurate determination of the blocking position through pressure alarm;

·Reduce the downtime of production;

·Connect with DCS to achieve remote monitoring and save a lot of manpower.


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