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Groundwater Level Monitoring Solution with Submersible Level Sensor

Date: 2021-Mar-19

Groundwater level monitoring plays a crucial role in protecting and managing groundwater resource and preventing land subsidence. It also provides vital information for flood forecasting, water supply determinations, water conservation studies, reservoir operations, and in the planning of large-scale water projects, agriculture irrigation and mining industrial.
The wells can be used for measuring groundwater levels are typically small in diameter which request compact size of level sensor. In other cases, higher cable strength is required due to the groundwater are in deeper location.
Micro Sensor provides multiple level transmitters for different well and applications. The MPM489WZ4 has a compact outer diameter 17 mm which is compatible with the small diameter well. 
The MPM426WS is assembled with higher strength Aramid Yarn cable which is designed for deeper groundwater level monitoring system.
For much deeper groundwater level monitoring, the MPM4700Z1 assembled with single conductor Tubular Encapsulated Cable is recommended.
If the above standard products cannot meet your unique need, don’t hesitate to contact us via sales@microsensor.cn. 
You can apply for the required product samples here, or contact us to find out how Micro Sensor can offer you customized solutions. We have a professional R&D team and can provide customized solutions to meet various integration needs.


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