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How to Realize Accurate Measurement of Electronic Gas Volume Corrector

Date: 2022-Jan-29

The gas volume corrector usually measures the temperature and pressure at the air inlet of the flowmeter. Since it is used for metering and charging and is mostly battery-powered, high accuracy, high-stability, and low-power consumption pressure sensors and temperature sensors are selected to ensure accurate measurement and longtime lasting operation.
According to the above requirement, Micro Sensor offers the following products for pressure and temperature measurement in gas volume correctors.
Pressure Measurement of gas volume corrector

Pressure Measurement
Micro Sensor pressure sensors have a range of 0~1000bar, and the power consumption is 5uA in standby mode. There are multiple pressure ports optional to meet different products integration requirements for different scenarios:

• MPM380 is a pressure sensor with housing and cable, the output signal is mV. 
• MPM3801 is a pressure sensor with a standard size; the output signal is IIC.
• MPM3801A is a pressure sensor with different pressure connections, the output is IIC.

MPM380 pressure sensor

mpm3801a pressure sensor

Temperature Measurement
For temperature monitoring requirements, Micro Sensor WZP temperature sensor and MTM integrated temperature transmitter are widely used for temperature monitoring in gas volume correctors. The temperature ranges are -200~500℃ and multiple pressure ports are optional. WZP type temperature sensor uses PT1000 with pressure port, MTM integrated temperature transmitter has optional output signals of 4-20mA, RS485 and HART (IIC output is under development), and a variety of structures are custom design available.

WZP temperature sensor
MTM temperature transmitter

If you have any unique requirements for pressure and temperature measurement in electronic gas volume corrector or other, feel free to contact us via sales@microsensor.cn for custom design service. 

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