Brand New Pressure Transmitter MPM4841 Series

Date: 2022-Mar-22

MPM4841 pressure transmitter

Micro Sensor now provides customers brand new pressure transmitter for liquid pressure measurement, MPM4841 Series.

Accurate Pressure Measurement, Universal Applications

MPM4841 pressure transmitter adopts high-stability, high-reliability piezoresistive pressure sensing element, and a dedicated conditioning circuit. Its accuracy is 0.5%. With stable and reliable performance, it can be used for water pressure, oil pressure, air pressure and other media pressure measurement.

Compact Structure and Easy Installation

The MPM4841 series pressure transmitter offers two types: MPM4841A Pressure Transmitter for General Industry - welding type and MPM4841B Economical Pressure Transmitter - assembly type. It is smaller in size and can save more installation space. There are 24 types of threaded pressure ports optional, allowing more convenient installation and usage, which can meet the needs of various working conditions. At the same time, the electrical connection is Hirschmann plugged, ensuring the stability of the output signal.


pressure transmitter outline construction

Module Design and Fast Response

The MPM4841 pressure transmitter adopts a modular design, which greatly improves production efficiency. Micro Sensor has professional supply platform and modern product operation management. We have the stable and large-scale product supply capability that can guarantee large-scale orders.

pressure transmitters

Affordable Price and Consistent Quality

The MPM4841 series pressure transmitter has maintained the high level in product design, production technology and material selection, thus creating a strong and stable performance. But it is more affordable in terms of price, with super cost-effective, allowing customers to use economical products with excellent performance.

Quality Pressure Transmitter

1. Various Applications, More Practical

Its excellent performance ensures that MPM4841 series pressure transmitter can be applied to a variety of industries and application sites such as smart water services, fire-fighting pipelines, environmental protection sewage, industrial process control, etc.

1.Pipeline pressure monitoring application

It can be applied to water supply pipelines, fire water pressure system, heating pipelines and other fields.

pressure transmitter for water supply pipelines

In the various pipeline pressure monitoring applications including water supply pipelines (primary pipe network, secondary pipe network, water supply pressured pump station, secondary supply equipment, etc.), fire water pressure system (fire hydrant pressure monitoring, fire pipeline pressure monitoring, sprinkler end pressure monitoring, etc.), and heating pipelines (primary and secondary pipe network, heat exchange equipment), MPM4841 pressure transmitter can accurately, stably monitor the pressure status of pipe network in real-time to ensure the normal operation of water supply, heating and fire-fighting systems.


2. Vacuum Drainage Application

Urban pipe corridors, transportation facilities, marine ships, hospital sewage, animal husbandry and other fields

pressure transducer for vacuum drainage

With the development of society, the requirements for environmental protection and sanitation become higher and higher. In many fields such as urban pipe corridors, transportation facilities, marine ships, hospital sewage, and animal husbandry, vacuum drainage systems have begun to have more and more applications. MPM4841 pressure transmitter can be widely used in vacuum drainage systems to stably and accurately monitor the working pressure of vacuum equipment and solve many problems in the process of sewage discharge.


3. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications

Processing machinery, engineering machinery, mines and dam installations, etc.

Pressure Equipments for Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Hydraulic technology is used as a mechanical transmission and control method, which can simplify the structure of the machine, reduce the quality of the machine, reduce material consumption, manufacturing costs, labor intensity, and improve work efficiency and work reliability. Generally, hydraulic drive systems are often used in equipment such as processing machinery, engineering machinery, mines and dams. MPM4841 pressure transmitter can measure the pressure of the hydraulic medium accurately to ensure the stable operation of the system.


4. Pumps and Compressors Applications

Water conservancy and hydropower, power stations, petroleum, chemical systems, agriculture, light industry, etc.;

Control instruments, compression drive equipment, chemical reactions in chemical plants, hydroelectric power plants, spray washing equipment, etc.

Economical Pressure Transmitter for hydropower station

MPM4841 pressure transmitter can also be used for pipeline water pressure monitoring of water pump systems, and is mainly used in water conservancy and hydropower, power station systems, petroleum, chemical systems, agricultural systems, light industrial systems, and many other industries.

Compressor is a mechanical equipment that compresses gas volume and increases gas pressure and transports gas. It can be used for mechanical power or other purposes. MPM4841 pressure transmitter can monitor the gas pressure of the compressor system pipeline accurately. It is suitable for control instruments, compression drive equipment, chemical reactions in chemical plants, hydroelectric power plants, spray washing equipment, etc.

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