Level Transmitters with Different Diameters

Date: 2021-Nov-08

Level measurement occurs in every possible condition where the depth of liquid exists and changes. It may happen in the monitoring of dam, river, seawater, underground water, and sometimes it happens in the measuring of tank, vessel, well or even tube. Each condition has specific requirements for measurement instruments. Sometimes, the diameter of the level transmitter is very important.


level transmitter for tank monitoring

For this circumstance, Micro Sensor offers a series of submersible level transmitters with the optional diameters, which may satisfy customers’ different demands.

φ26mm Diameter Submersible Level Transmitter

(1) Digital MPM4700

digital level transmitter level sensor mpm4700

(2) Analog MPM489W

analog level transmitter level sensor mpm489w

φ22mm Diameter Submersible Level Transmitter MPM489WZ3

submersible level sensor level transmitter

φ19mm Diameter Submersible Level Transmitter MPM489WZ1

thin immersible level transmitter level sensor

φ17mm Diameter Submersible Level Transmitter MPM489WZ4

def submersible level transmitter level sensor

Micro Sensor has a professional R&D team, capable of customized pressure and level measuring solutions for fluid liquids, feel free to contact us or leave us messages, our engineers will reply you within 24 hours.

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