M6 and M7 Digital Indicator for Pressure Sensors and Transmitters

Date: 2022-Apr-14

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The M6 and M7 indicators display full 4 digits from -1999 to 9999 and show the digital value clearly both in bright light and dark light conditions.

M6 LED indicator of Pressure Transmitters

M6 LED Indicator

Pressure Transmitters M7 LCD indicator

M7 LCD Indicator

Both M6 and M7 indicators have two outlines optional: square and round shapes. The square indicator can be connected to the pressure transmitter with a 4mA~20mA DC output signal and Hirschmann plug directly; and for the round indicator, its housing rim has many installation slots for user users’ applications, for example, using in 2088 housing.

LED Display Pressure Transmitter

LCD Pressure Transmitter


1. 2-wire type, powered by 4mA~20mA DC loop without extra power supply

2. Stable and reliable performance with industrial-grade MCU

3. -1999 to 9999 display

4. Key button for modifying and calibration

5. Widely used both in bright light and dark light conditions with clear display





Power supply

4mA~20mA DC loop without extra power supply



Limited range




Display detail

4 digits LED digital tube, red

4 digits LCD

Display range


Voltage drop


Application Temp



Limited Temp



Storage Temp



Relative humidity


Thermal drift


Sampling rate

3 times per second




50g, 11ms

Electrical connection

Plug connection




square indicator~70g, round indicator~15g

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M6 and M7 indicators are highly interchangeable that they can be used for pressure sensors and pressure transmitters both from Micro Sensor and other transmitter manufacturers. Feel free to let us know your needs, our experienced engineers and sales are ready to offer you customized solutions.

MicroSensor, is a professional manufacturer of pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, transducers, level transmitters, and flowmeters.

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