Intelligent Pressure Transmitter in SCADA System of Long-distance Oil and Gas Pipeline

Date: 2023-Apr-14

Application Background

Oil and gas are an important part of the modern energy system and are a matter of national security and livelihood. As a key link in the oil and gas industry, pipelines play the role of a bridge to transport oil and gas resources and connect the supply and demand sides, so the stability and safety of oil and gas resources transportation are crucial.

Application System Overview

The long-distance oil and gas pipeline system consists of first stations, sub-transmission stations, pipe-clearing stations, valve chambers, etc. In the process of oil and gas transmission, the production and security data of relevant pipelines, field stations, and valve chambers need to be collected, analyzed, and stored to provide scientific basis and means for pipeline network transmission and distribution schedule. Therefore, in order to improve the automation of oil and gas transmission and distribution, the supporting SCADA system must be built simultaneously, so as to improve the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of oil and gas production and transmission and distribution management.

SCADA system consists of dispatching control center, station control system, communication system, remote monitoring terminal, and field equipment and instruments. Through the cooperation of the station control system at the oil and gas transmission station, the remote terminal system in the valve room, and the communication system, the automation of the operation of long-distance oil and gas pipelines is realized, and the flow, pressure, and temperature of the whole pipeline are monitored, controlled and managed in real-time, so as to achieve safe transmission, reduce consumption and improve economic efficiency.

Application Overview

In the SCADA system of long-distance oil and gas pipelines, the accuracy and smoothness of pressure, oil temperature, flow rate, and other parameters are the prerequisites for the automatic control and optimal operation of the production process. In order to monitor the working status and equipment operation of each station, it is necessary to collect the main operating data and status information of each station, including inlet and outlet oil temperature and oil pressure; flow rate of the first station, last station, and sub-transmission station; oil filling level, oil temperature and oil storage volume; import and export oil temperature, oil pressure and flow rate of pumping unit; fuel oil pressure and flow rate; opening degree of pressure regulation room and differential pressure before and after the valve of the pumping station.

The collection and recording of these main parameters is an important basis for flow, pressure, and temperature monitoring; starting/stopping pumps; opening and closing regulating valves; leak detection and pipe cleaning control, etc. It is convenient for technicians to automatically adjust and fully control the process parameters, alarm values of equipment operation status parameters, and shutdown (tripping) setting values of the whole pipeline.

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Application Value

· Real-time monitoring of site conditions, timely warning and alarming of equipment conditions and safety hazards, which improves production deployment speed and thus reduces maintenance costs;

· Realizing remote monitoring of pressure, flow rate, temperature, and other parameters, eliminating the need for manual inspection, and reducing labor costs while improving personnel safety;

· Easy to operate and manage, realizing real-time monitoring of the whole process, saving inspection time, improving production efficiency, and maximizing the benefits of pipeline operation.

Precautions for the use of intelligent pressure transmitters in pipelines

· The pressure pipeline should be as short as possible and should avoid sharp bending. Before connecting the transmitter to the pipeline, the pipeline must be blown with compressed air to remove possible impurities. It is better to clean the pipeline with the measured medium; 

· When measuring gas pressure, the pressure port should be opened on the upper part of the pipeline, and the transmitter should also be installed on the upper part of the process pipeline so that the condensate in the measured gas can flow back to the process pipeline (See Picture 1);

picture 1

· When measuring liquid pressure, the pressure port should be opened in the lower half of the process pipeline and the horizontal center line of the process pipeline at an Angle ranging from 0° to 45° to avoid precipitation blockage(see Picture 2). At the same time, the installation position of the pressure transmitter should avoid abnormal medium pressure fluctuation (water hammer, etc.), so as to avoid sensor overpressure damage; 

picture 2

· When measuring ultra-high temperature medium, it is necessary to install a well-sealed condenser, and inject an appropriate amount of water into the condenser to prevent the overheating medium from contacting the transmitter directly; 

· After the connection is completed, it is necessary to confirm that the sealing of the contacted part of the media is good. When exhaust gas and exhaust liquid are needed, appropriate safety measures should be taken to avoid personal injury or economic loss caused by high-pressure or corrosive media; 

· When measuring in cold outdoor environments, auxiliary insulation should be carried out on instruments to ensure accurate measurement under appropriate environmental conditions.

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