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Pressure Monitoring Solution for Diving Equipment

Date: 2022-Jun-08

Diving is widely recognized as an underwater survey, salvage, and repair project. There are various types of diving, among which scuba diving is a more professional project.

Gas cylinder, as an important equipment in scuba diving, its normal operation is related to the safety of divers, and monitoring whether the internal pressure of the gas cylinder can supply oxygen normally becomes the top priority. Previously, the mechanical pressure gauges were commonly used to monitor gas cylinder pressure, however, mechanical pressure gauges are extremely inconvenient to view and do not provide users with real-time pressure conditions under water. With the development of technology, more and more diving equipment companies began to develop wireless pressure monitoring equipment, which uses pressure sensors signal to be transmitted to wearable devices such as diving watches so that users can easily check the pressure of the cylinder at any time.


Micro Sensor, as a professional pressure sensor manufacturer, can provide diving equipment manufacturers with high-precision and stable pressure sensors, and also can provide customized solutions to adapt to different situations. Pressure sensors applied in diving cylinder are usually powered by batteries and are easily corroded due to long-term use in seawater. Micro Sensor can provide pressure sensors with  ultra-low power consumption and corrosion-resistant to help diving equipment manufacturers produce high-quality wireless pressure monitoring instrument.

Micro Sensor will make continuous research and development, and provide professional monitoring solutions for customers in more fields.


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