Electromagnetic Flowmeter in Modernizing Irrigation District Water Diversion Projects

Date: 2024-Feb-23



The irrigation water diversion project in Shanxi province assumes a critical role as a priority construction project for the water resource departments, epitomizing its status as a significant constituent of public welfare development initiatives.

The project will facilitate the transition from underground well water to Yellow River water. Groundwater resources and the environment can be effectively protected. It also promotes sustainable groundwater resource utilization within the irrigation area. Concurrently, it reduces irrigation costs.

Measurement Requirements

• 163 water intake measurement points, and manhole installation, are located in a plain area. Good 4G signal, and no mains electricity. Each water intake point requires real-time monitoring of the network pressure and flow. It also needs to report the data to the supervision platform on the hour.

• 5 pressurized pump station measuring points, outdoor installation, without mains power, should realize unattended automatic monitoring and abnormal alarm. The requirement ensures a stable water supply for farmland.



According to the on-site conditions and usage situation of the end user, MicroSensor technical team provided the below solution:

Separated-type electromagnetic flowmeters guarantee precise water volume measurement. IP68 level meets harsh environments with dampness or immersion. The solar-powered flow meters ensure long-term stable operation under no mains power supply. Additionally, it employs a wireless 4G data transmission method for real-time monitoring of the dynamic flow and pressure of the pipe network. Through big data analysis, this setup facilitates precise and effective water supply for agricultural irrigation. 

MicroSensor Electromagnetic Flowmeter Solution

MicroSensor Solution Advantage

• In the pre-project phase, Micro Sensor technical team conducted multiple site surveys and assessments. We provided cost-effective solutions for flow and pressure measurement.

• Micro Sensor calculated the overall product power consumption based on the on-site conditions.

We offer customized solutions on power supply, product protection, lightning protection, and communication protocols. It’s the core competitive advantage of our instruments.


• In the installation process, Micro Sensor provided professional installation and commissioning guidance. Quality after-sales service ensures project acceptance, ultimately leading to the project's success.


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