MFE600E Electromagnetic Flowmeter Applied in Reclaimed Water Treatment

Date: 2021-Sep-07


As a major industrial country in the world, China's industrial water consumption accounts for more than 20% of national water consumption. In modern large industrial companies, the daily industrial water consumption is hundreds of thousands of tons, and the resulting industrial water pollution and water resources Insufficient problems make industrial water treatment technology an important period in industrial development.

Reclaimed Water Treatment

Therefore, in the process of industrial water and recycled water treatment, how to improve the measurement accuracy of industrial water in large companies? How to reduce the losses caused by measurement errors? These are not only related to the improvement of industrial companies' water use efficiency but also related to the recycling of water resources in China to achieve the green increase.

Project Introduction

The customer is a high-tech enterprise that provides comprehensive solutions for water treatment and industrial process special chemicals, membrane products, membrane systems, water treatment plants, and operation services for the water treatment industry.

flowmeter in Reclaimed Water Treatment

In this project, the customer adopts the MF600E electromagnetic flowmeter, which is used for the measurement of liquid in the process of high concentration reverse osmosis membrane and the flow measurement of finished liquid water after the completion of water production.


Since the flow rate of the high concentration reverse osmosis membrane media NaCl is directly linked to the system efficiency during the water production process, the product used requires high accuracy and it is necessary to ensure that the deviations of dozens of flowmeters running simultaneously are consistent. As the core calculation of the final system efficiency, the flow of water production also requires sufficient accuracy.

In addition to the higher requirements for the product itself, there are many difficulties in the project site:

1. Strong technical support is the key to the smooth implementation of the project. There are not many instrument professionals on the project site, which put forward higher requirements for our technical support capabilities.

2. Many old production pipelines do not have the conditions for installing flowmeters, so for the on-site installation, it is quite a challenge.

3. The time is limited to stop production and installation. It is quite difficult to complete the installation and commissioning of all instruments within two weeks.

electromagnetic flowmeter installed in pipelines

(Customers need to install electromagnetic flowmeter equipment on site)


Electromagnetic Flowmeter Applied

1. Choose a Product

All products applied in this project are brand new upgraded MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter. Our sales engineer selects the corrosion-resistant lining material polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and the titanium electrode (Ti) that measures the NACL solution to meet the test conditions.

2.MFE600E Flowmeter Advantages

  • Only the lining and electrode of the sensor are in contact with the medium. So as long as the electrode and lining material are properly selected, they can resist corrosion and wear and ensure long-term use.

  • Adopt multi-electrode structure, high accuracy, equipped with the ground electrode, no ground ring is needed, saving cost.

  • Once power is off, EEPROM can protect set parameters and accumulated flow value.

  • The converter adopts single-chip data processing with low power consumption. It has reliable performance, high precision, low power consumption, and stable zero points. Dot-matrix LCD displays cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, flow rate, flow percentage, and other parameters.

  • The two-way measurement system can measure forward flow and reverse flow. The low-frequency rectangular wave excitation improves flow stability, featuring low power loss, and excellent low flow rate.

3. Installation

electroagnetic flowmeter installation

(1). During the installation of electromagnetic flowmeters, customers are easy to ignore the installation of the flowmeter after the pipe diameter is reduced. Many customers know that they can reduce the pipe diameter, but they do not guarantee the requirements for straight pipe distance after reduction, which has a great impact on the measurement accuracy. Our team of engineers will guide the diameter reduction of the unsuitable pipe diameter section to ensure the stable and accurate operation of the flowmeter.

(2). The pipe-type flowmeter body as a part of the pipeline, the upstream side should have no less than 5 times the pipe diameter, the downstream side should have no less than 3 times the pipe diameter straight pipe section.

(3). There should be no strong leakage current on the pipeline equipped with the electromagnetic flowmeter. It should stay as far as possible away from equipment with a strong electromagnetic field, such as large motors, large transformers, frequency converters, etc., to avoid interference of electromagnetic fields.

(4). Since the electromagnetic flowmeter measures a weak potential, good grounding is a necessary condition to ensure the stable operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Usually, the grounding is achieved through the grounding ring or the reference electrode in the sensor and the grounding connection of the pipeline system.


electromagnetic flow meter in water treatment

Local Site

With the full support of the Micro Sensor Flow Technology team, the project was successfully completed with installation and commissioning of all flowmeters and instruments within 2 weeks. The production line resumed normal production as planned, realizing flow monitoring of the entire production process, and established detailed data support for the entire process to control each part.


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