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φ12.6mm Differential Pressure Sensor with Oil-filled

Date: 2021-Sep-07

Ever since the pressure sensor is developed, smaller and miniature size pressure sensor design and development is never stopped.

φ19mm isolated metal diaphragm differential pressure sensor with oil-filled has been applied in industrial pressure measurement for decades.


  • Accurate differential pressure measurement

  • Miniature structure(φ12.6mm×18mm, 11g)

  • Pressure range: 0~200kPa…3.5MPa

  • Constant current/voltage power supply

  • Temperature-compensated with mV output

  • Full SS316L construction, capable of measurement for corrosive liquids and gases

Micro Sensor Oil-filled Differential Pressure Sensor Family

differential pressure sensorφ12.6mm Differential Pressure Sensor with Oil-filled


1、Make sure the pressure applied to the high-pressure side is higher than the pressure at the low-pressure side.

2、Make sure the pressure sensor is installed horizontally to decrease angle effects on accuracy.

3、If users apply outer resistance to compensate temperature drift, the resistance should be installed as close as possible to pressure sensors.

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