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Water Submersible Wireless Sensor

Date: 2021-Sep-07

Water Submersible Wireless Sensor


Multi-band, wireless network

Multi-band, NB-IoT/2G/4G global band wireless network

Low Power consumption design, battery-powered

Ultra-low power consumption, integrated high-energy lithium battery, with a service life of more than 2 years

Online Monitoring

PC and mobile data applications, real-time / history/alarm data query

Information management

Based on the GIS management system, location information, device status, and other information are visible clearly

Integrated structure

Compact, integrated design for on-site installation

Rotation installation

The indicator supports 330° rotation for on-site installation

Abnormal alarm

Pipe network overpressure and under pressure /water level abnormality/water immersion abnormality/low battery abnormal alarm

Email alert

Management administrator binding, abnormal alarm by email

Remote configuration

Data collection frequency/transmission frequency/alarm upper and lower limits and other parameters remote configuration

Breathing light reminder

Device status / abnormal condition, breathing light status reminder

Third-party data application

Open database, communication protocol, provide interface parsing files


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