Brand New Upgrade Underground Remote Monitoring Terminal

Date: 2022-Apr-14

Underground Remote Monitoring


The underground remote monitoring terminal is a portable monitoring device with low power consumption, IP68, wireless communication, and various sensor data collection. It is suitable for the monitoring fields without the power supply condition and the abominable environment. It could realize the mix-used functions including data collection, storage, alarming and transmission for applications of underground water, firework safety, dam leakage, water supply pipeline, especially for underground well application.

Topology Diagram


Underground well Remote Monitoring topology

The sensing layer applies our cost-effective sensors including pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, temperature transmitter, ultrasonic level sensor probe, radar level sensor probe, electromagnetic flowmeter, industrial video camera, and switch (for abnormal move Of the well cover), etc.


underground water level transmitter



Data transmission is normal under 1m water with 720 hours testing

Adapt to the harsh environment like long-time submerged, soaked, high humidity, alternating hot and cold, sewage corrosion in the well.

Low Power

Battery/Mains power supply for option

It adopts a large capacity and a good performance lithium battery pack with 57Ah. It could feed the sensor and send a piece of data each day and its lifespan is over 5 years.

Non-contact activation, Real-time display

Real-time display for sensor channel value, device status, battery voltage, and signal status, etc.

Remote Configuration

Setting for upper and lower alarm limits, collecting interval, transmitting interval, picture taking interval and IP address, etc.

Multi-channel collection, meet more needs

8 monitoring values collection simultaneously, comprehensive monitoring for site situation

Support RS485, analog signal, switching signal, pulse signal input

Multi-network communication, global communication

2G/Global bands/NB-IoT/LoRa multi-network communication

Wireless data transmission, no field wiring, easy installation

Data Platform

Check real-time/ history/ alarm data through the data platform both by PC and mobile

Support on-line deploying customer serve

Database and communication protocol open, provide interface parsed file

Software Support

Micro Sensor Big Data Platform


Micro Sensor Big Data Platform

Customers can check real-time, history data conveniently through mobile devices to know site conditions better in time.



3-way AI, support various transmitters with standard output like 0V~5V/4mA~20mA DC, Collection accuracy: ±0.5%FS

2-way DI/PI, support switch/pulse input

1-way RS485, support ModBus RTU protocol

1-way camera interface

Data Transmission

Communication Mode: 2G/Global bands/NB-IoT/LoRa

Wake-Up Mode: magnetic activation/timing/alarm wake-up

Upload Information: sensor data, battery voltage, signal status, self-check information.


Mode: local and remote configuration

History storage

Local storage: Flash 4MB (more than 200,000 history data storage space)


Segment LCD, with backlight

Environmental condition

Working temperature: -20℃~70℃

Relative humidity: 0%-95% RH

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃


Power Supply: 14.4V high-performance lithium battery/8~28V DC/110~240V AC

Battery Lifespan: 3~5 year (related to transmission frequency)

Power Consumption: Sleep current ≤30uA@14.4V, Transmission average current≤50mA@14.4V

Feed: 100mA@14.4V DC


Protection: IP68

Housing Material: PA6+30%GF

Installation Method: hoop and wall mounting

Weight: ~2.3kgs

Outline Dimension: 147*162*105.5mm (antenna except)

Accessories: magnetic bar *1 , fixed support*1, M5 bolt*1 , ф8mm expansion bolt*3, ф200mm hoop *2


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