Flow Meter Portfolio

Date: 2022-Apr-14

With over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing pressure sensing and measuring products, Micro Sensor offers:

· Pressure Sensor

· Pressure Transmitter

· Level Transmitter

· Flowmeter

· IoT/Wireless Monitoring


Flow Meters Portfolio

Integrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter

integrated electromagnetic flowmeter

· Wide measuring range: DN10~DN500.

· Not influenced by fluid density, temperature, pressure, and electrical conductivity changes.

· Suitable for measurement of liquid-solid: Sewage, Slurry, pulp, coal slurry, etc.

· Upper and lower limit alarm when exceed to set value.

· Application: Petroleum, Chemical, Metallurgy, Water Supply, etc.

separated electromagnetic flowmeter

· IP68 protection, applicable to the submersible environment.

· Available for long-distance (up to 100m) monitoring.

· Specification is the same as the integrated type.


Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ultrasonic flowmeter

· Non-contact with measurement media.

· Wide range for either conductive or non-conductive, corrosive or non-corrosive liquid can be measured.

· Applicable for various pipe material: steel, cast iron, cement, hard plastic, fiberglass, PVC, etc.

· Easy installation, friendly use.

Vortex Flowmeter

vortex flowmeter

· Measurement media: Liquid, gas, and steam.

· Wide temperature range: -40~350℃, temperature measurement is optional.

· Explosion-proof protection.

· DC or battery supply (2~3 yeas).

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email sales@microsensor.cn. and our engineer will reply you within 24 hours.

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Separated Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Water Pressure Transmitter

Volume flux measurement
RS485 communication protocol
RS232 communication protocol

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Water Pressure Transmitter

Flange type: DN6~DN1600
Flange, Sanitary, Threaded, Clamping type available
Battery-powered, solar-powered optional

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Electromagnetic Heat Flowmeter

Water Pressure Transmitter

Diameter: DN25 ~ DN400
Nominal pressure: 0.6MPa/1.6MPa/4.0MPa
Lining material: Neoprene, Polyurethane Rubber, F4, F46
Electrode material: 316L, Ti, HB/HC, Ta, WC, Pt
Structure type: separated type, integrated type

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Water Pressure Transmitter

The measurement accuracy will not be influenced by changes of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and electrical conductivity
Open flow without moving parts in measuring pipe, no pressure loss
Corrosion- and wear-resistant electrode and lining materials available
Multi-electrode structure, high precision

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