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Pressure Sensor Portfolio

Date: 2022-Apr-14

With over 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing pressure sensing and measuring products, Micro Sensor offers:

Pressure Sensor

Pressure Transmitter

Level Transmitter


IoT/Wireless Monitoring

Here is the pressure sensors overview:


1. MEMS Pressure Sensors


mems pressure sensor

2. Oil-filled piezo-resistive pressure sensors

Oil-filled piezo-resistive pressure sensors

Designed Dimension:

  • 12.6mm / 15mm / 17mm / 19mm

  • Wide Medium Compatibility due to Sensor Materials:

  • SS316L / Titanium / Tantalum / Hastelloy C

  • Output Signal:

  • mV / I2C


Silicon oil-filled for most of the liquid and air measurement

Fluorolube oil-filled and cleaning process for O2 measurement

Golden coating for H2 measurement

Golden coating for H2 measurement

Flush big diaphragm and flange for sanitary application

Flush big diaphragm and flange pressure sensor for sanitary application

Extended pressure fitting:

pressure sensor with Extended pressure fitting

Differential Pressure Sensor:

Differential Pressure Sensors

Compound Sensor for measurement of pressure, differential pressure, and temperature at the same time


compound pressure sensor

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