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Pressure Sensors and Transmitters for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

Date: 2022-Mar-31

MicroSensor Pressure Sensor

pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement

Why Oxygen Pressure Measuring Is Important?

Oxygen is widely applied in many fields such as medical use for oxygen supplementation, industrial use of iron melting, metal cutting, welding and moreover, and chemical use of material production, etc.

Generally, oxygen is stored and transported as a liquid in specially insulated tankers, containers and cylinders according to specific applications. In order to know the exact amount of oxygen in tankers for use, a reliable and accurate pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement is vital.

Since oxygen is flammable and explosive with silicon oil, Micro Sensor develops specialized pressure sensors for oxygen pressure measurement with Fluorolube® oil-filled.

Products we offer for oxygen pressure measurement

1. For general differential oxygen pressure measurement

MDM4901FL is a differential pressure sensor, it is designed according to the requirements of differential oxygen pressure measurement and has 0.5%FS accuracy. Learn more information about the MDM4901FL differential pressure sensor.

pressure sensor for general differential oxygen pressure measurement

2. For pressure measurement needs display

MDM4760FL pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement is designed with a local display. It features a battery power supply and digital display.

display pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement

3. For applications in hazardous environments

The MDM483FL pressure sensor is an intrinsically safe version pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement. It is constructed with 2088 housing, ensuring safe application. What’s more, it has an LCD display too.

explosion-proof pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement

4. For application needs remote monitoring

MDM6861GFL Wireless pressure sensor is available. It is battery-powered, wireless type, supporting remote monitoring in long distances. With the MPM6861GFL pressure sensor, customers can monitor multiple spots at the same time.

wireless pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement

So far, our pressure sensor for oxygen pressure measurement has been applied in oxygen cylinders, industrial welding, melting, agriculture, etc. It has stable and accurate performance and has won a good reputation among our customers.

Besides all needs mentioned above, there will be more different requirements for specifications and functions. Custom design is available. Feel free to contact us via sales@microsensor.cn or leave messages to us and our team will reply you within 24 hours


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