Oxygen Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen Generator Helps to Fighting COVID-19

Date: 2021-Sep-07

Oxygen plays an important role in the clinical treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia

Oxygen is an indispensable life element of the human body. In the process of human metabolic activities and life movements, oxygen plays roles in transporting nutrients, releasing energy, and promoting circulation, etc.

Clinical medicine often uses supplemental oxygen to intervene in the physiological and biochemical internal environment of the human body, to promote the virtuous cycle of the metabolic process, so as to achieve the effects of treating diseases, alleviating symptoms and promoting rehabilitation. The medical clinical trials have proved that "oxygen therapy" is an important auxiliary treatment method for patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Oxygen plays an important role in the clinical treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia

The new coronavirus, which is still ravaging the world, will damage lung function and produce a large amount of mucus in the lungs, thereby hindering the absorption of oxygen, reducing the blood oxygen saturation concentration, and further harming the body. Through the delivery of oxygen in vitro, the oxygen content in the blood can be guaranteed, which helps to maintain the life activities of critical patients, and time can be made for more clinical treatment methods. The adequacy of medical oxygen greatly affects the hospital's ability to treat COVID-19 patients. Therefore, in this new global pneumonia outbreak, ventilators and medical oxygen generators are of great importance.

Gas pressure measurement is the key segment of the medical oxygen supply system

A medical oxygen generator is a kind of medical equipment that uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to extract oxygen from the air.

The molecular sieve is filled in the medical oxygen generator based on the molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology. The nitrogen in the air can be adsorbed when pressurized and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and becomes high-purity oxygen after purification treatment.

the working principle of the oxygen generator diagram

the working principle of the oxygen generator diagram

In the process of oxygen production, compressed air is the key step. The accuracy of the working pressure of the oxygen generator greatly affects the normal operation of the machine and the purity of oxygen.

In addition to oxygen production, oxygen storage is also an important part of the medical oxygen supply system.

Generally, oxygen storage tanks are used as oxygen containers. The oxygen storage tanks at different pressures have different oxygen compression level, and the forms and volumes of oxygen that can be stored are also different. And the concern about the pressure value of the oxygen storage tank is related to the safe use and preservation of the oxygen storage tank.

Due to its physical characteristics, oxygen has strict gas pressure requirements during manufacturing and storage. Therefore, in the design and production of related oxygen equipment, it is very important to monitor and control the gas pressure accurately.

Micro Sensor Specialized Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen Pressure Measurement

pressure sensor for general differential oxygen pressure measurement

Micro Sensor MDM4901FL differential pressure transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement provides gas pressure measurement during the entire process of oxygen production to offer accurate pressure information data for the entire oxygen production equipment system. Unlike ordinary industrial pressure transmitters filled with silicone oil, MDM4901FL is filled with FL oil for the application requirements of oxygen pressure measurement. Its good stability can prevent potential abnormal leakage and oxidation reaction with oxygen, effectively preventing potential dangers. It is suitable for applications in oxygen generator and oxygen storage tanks.


  • It has fully sealed stainless steel structure, laser welding, and IP65 protected housing. It meets the requirements of the GB3836.4 standard and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate, which can effectively ensure the safety of the product and meet the normal use in more diverse scenarios.

  • It uses a diffused silicon piezoresistive differential pressure sensor, stainless steel 316L isolation diaphragm, and has better stability, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of gas to the diaphragm.

  • The product can adjust the zero point and full scale externally, which is convenient for customers to perform on-site calibration.

  • It has undergone strict temperature compensation and aging screening, is stable and reliable.

  • Small size, lightweight, easy installation, more suitable for corollary use of oxygen measuring equipment.

  • CE marked and RoHS certification has been obtained.

The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, just like the unpredictable black swan, has cast a shadow on the world. More than 9 million cases have been confirmed globally so far, and it is still rising rapidly. The outbreak of the epidemic has greatly impacted the global medical system. The WHO once listed a list of more than 20 basic medical devices needed to treat patients. Among them, the ventilator and oxygen supply system is the most important. Therefore, the relevant pressure measurement instruments are essential.


The measuring instruments such as sensors and transmitters suitable for medical equipment have their particularities in the industry. There are many more technical requirements and standards in their research and development and manufacturing. Micro Sensor special oxygen pressure measurement transmitters meet the safety and health standards. As early as the beginning of February, Micro Sensor Supplied Pressure Sensors and Transmitters and monitoring equipment for Huoshenshan Hospital.


The MDM4901FL has also approved CE and RoHS certification and has been exported to many countries and regions to meet the urgent needs of customers in many countries.

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