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Basic Knowledge of Pressure Sensors Applications

Date: 2021-Sep-07

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Pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors, which are widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, petrochemical, oil wells, power, ships, machine tools, pipelines, etc. In this article, we will briefly introduce the applications of some commonly used pressure sensors.

Basic Knowledge of Pressure Sensors Applications

Pressure Sensors Applied in Petrochemical Industry

The pressure sensor is one of the most common measuring devices in automatic control in the petrochemical industry. In large-scale chemical projects, almost all pressure sensor applications are included: differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, high pressure, micro differential pressure, high temperature, low temperature, and remote transmission flange pressure sensors of various materials and special processing.

Almost all the demand for pressure sensors in the petrochemical industry mainly focuses on reliability, stability, and high precision. Among them, the reliability and many additional requirements, such as range ratio, bus type, etc., depending on the pressure transmitter's structural design, mechanical processing technology level, and structural materials. The stability and high accuracy of the pressure transmitter are mainly guaranteed by the stability and measurement accuracy of the pressure sensor elements. The measurement accuracy and response speed of the pressure sensor correspond to the measurement accuracy of the pressure transmitter, and the temperature and static pressure characteristics and long-term stability of the pressure sensor correspond to the stability of the pressure transmitter. The demand for pressure sensors in the petrochemical industry is reflected in four aspects: measuring accuracy, fast response, temperature characteristics, and static pressure characteristics, and long-term stability.

Pressure Sensors Applied in Petrochemical Industry

The micro pressure sensor is a new type of pressure sensor manufactured using semiconductor materials and MEMS technology. It has the advantages of high accuracy, high sensitivity, good dynamic characteristics, small size, corrosion resistance, and low cost. The material of pure single crystal silicon has little fatigue, and the micro pressure sensor made of this material has good long-term stability. At the same time, the micro-pressure sensor is easy to integrate with the micro-temperature sensor, which increases the temperature compensation accuracy, and greatly improves the temperature characteristics and measurement accuracy of the sensor.

If two micro pressure sensors are integrated, static pressure compensation can be achieved, thereby improving the static pressure characteristics of the pressure sensor. Today, micro pressure sensors have many advantages that traditional pressure sensors do not have and can well meet the needs of pressure sensors in the petrochemical industry.

Pressure Sensors Applied in Water Treatment

Pressure Sensors Applied in water treatment

The domestic environmental protection water treatment industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has a bright future.

The pressure sensors used in water supply and sewage treatment processes help to provide important control and monitoring for system protection and quality assurance.

The pressure sensor converts the pressure (generally refers to the pressure of the liquid or gas) into an electrical signal output, which can also be used to measure the level of the static fluid, so it can be used to measure the liquid level.

Pressure Sensors Applied in Medical Industry

Pressure Sensors Applied in Medical Industry

With the development of the medical equipment market, higher requirements are placed on the use of pressure sensors in the medical industry. All need to be improved such as accuracy, reliability, stability, volume, etc. The pressure sensor must be able to accurately monitor the pressure of the dialysate and blood to ensure that it is maintained within the set range.

This application requires that the sensor must be compact and able to withstand liquid media.

Pressure Sensor from Micro Sensor

Micro Sensor has over 48 years of experience in developing and manufacturing pressure measurement equipment, including piezoresistive pressure sensors and pressure transmitters.

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