How to Select Proper Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors?

Date: 2021-Oct-14

In modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, various sensors are used to monitor and control various parameters during the production process to make the equipment work in normal or optimal conditions and to achieve the best performance. Therefore, the sensor plays an important role in the detection part in the industrial automation production process, it is the core part of the smart industry.

How to Select Proper Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors?

Based on that, how to select proper sensors is quite important for customers in industrial automation and control related industries such as instrumentation manufacturing. High-quality, high-performance, and cost-effective sensors can be used for better monitoring and can better deal with diverse and harsh application environments.

So, what factors should be paid attention to when choosing a cost-effective sensor product? Let us take the diffused silicon pressure sensor as an example.

The diffused silicon pressure sensor is mainly composed of a weld ring, diaphragm, MEMS chip, insulating cover spacer, sintering seat housing, compensation circuit board, and O-ring. The MEMS chip is the core pressure sensing element, its performance will be affected, and the life span may even be shortened if it is in direct contact with the measuring medium such as water, oil, and air. Therefore, the MEMS chip needs to be protected by a packaging process to avoid the influence of the measurement medium while it is required to be able to transmit pressure to the MEMS chip.

Therefore, the sensor chip and technological process are important factors of a sensor’s quality.

Take the Micro Sensor MPM280 pressure sensoras an example, we can see which factors can be paid attention to when selecting a sensor.

MPM280 is a general type piezoresistive pressure sensor. The creative design and the state of the art of fabrication guarantee its supreme performance. Its appearance, installation dimensions, and sealing methods are consistent with those of similar products of international brands. It has very good interchangeability, compact but not simple. MPM280 can be widely used in the pressure detection of media compatible with stainless steel and fluorine rubber.

(1) Adopting imported core chips

The chip is the core component of the sensor. Compared with the Chinese brand chip, the chip of international famous brands has the characteristics of low-pressure hysteresis, low-temperature coefficient, and low-temperature hysteresis. MPM280 uses high-quality silicon piezoresistive chips based on MEMS technology, which has higher stability, reliability, consistency, and repeatability.

core chip for pressure sensor

(2) Automatic laser trimming

The sensor accuracy is determined by the chip and the accuracy of the hybrid circuit board. In the manufacturing process, to improve the accuracy of the hybrid circuit board, the resistance value of the original resistors on the board needs to be adjusted to the target resistance value. For this, the automatic laser resistance trimming can have more precise control. The MPM280 pressure sensor adopts a cutting that can quickly and accurately control the resistance accuracy within 3‰, thereby effectively improving the pressure sensor's zero accuracy, temperature drift, reliability, etc., and ensuring excellent performance.

laser trimming for pressure sensor

(3) Fully automatic laser welding

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source. The MPM280 pressure sensor adopts Nd: YAG laser welding to weld the housing and the stainless steel corrugated diaphragm to form a closed cavity. The diaphragm and housing are made of high-corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L, which reduces the welding stress, thereby improving product stability and reliability.

laser welding for pressure sensor

(4) Adopting fluorine rubber sealing ring

The O-ring on the pressure sensor is mainly for sealing and damping. The sensor applies suspended installation to present it from being squeezed and being affected by the performance. MPM280 pressure sensor is with fluorine rubber O-ring as standard which is suitable for a wide range of media and can meet most environmental temperature requirements.

Pressure Sensor from Micro Sensor

Micro Sensor has over 48 years of experience in developing and manufacturing pressure measurement equipment, including piezoresistive pressure sensors and pressure transmitters.

If you are looking for more information on our range of pressure sensors, please contact us via or leave messages. Our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.

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