IP68 Protection Water Proof Junction Box

Date: 2022-Apr-14

IP68 Protection Water Proof Junction Box

Product Solutions

The MST091 waterproof junction box can guarantee the reliable operation of the liquid level transmitter.

Waterproof joints are used in conjunction with waterproof junction boxes to achieve waterproofing of cable joints. According to the number of openings, it can be divided into one-in and one-out, one-in and two-out, two-in and two-out.


· IP68 protection (water depth 1m, 72 hours)

· Fully sealed structure with waterproof breathable valve

· PC housing with high strength, fatigue resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance

· Nail fixing for narrow space installation


1. 1t will protect the liquid level transmitter safely in case of accidental flooding, and solve the measurement reliability problem in humid environment

2. The structure design has a venting function, and the air pipe is smoothly connected with the atmosphere to ensure accurate measurement for customers

3. It is economical. MST091 waterproof junction box adopts compact structure design, which is small and convenient, saving cost for customers

remote monitoring terminal Earth1006


water proof junction box for level transmitter

· Type:Yfa

· Size:57mm×120mm×36mm(with Connector)

· Wire Diameter:5mm~9mm

· Terminal: 2P/4P Screw typ

liquid level transmitter junction box

· Type: Yfb

· Size: 105mm×130mm×36mm(with Joints)

· Wire Diameter: 4mm~8mm

· Terminal: 4P Screw type

Yfc water proof junction box of water level transmitter

· Type: Yfc

· Size: 105mm×120mm×36mm(with Connector)

· Wire Diameter: 4mm~8mm

· Terminal: 4P Screw type

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