Electromagnetic Flowmeters Assist Intelligent Building with Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Date: 2023-May-23

According to statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA), building energy consumption accounts for more than 36% of global energy consumption. While, direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO₂ emissions) account for nearly 40% worldwide. Therefore, the energy management of intelligent buildings is the top priority to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. Reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions through energy-saving and emission-reduction measures can promote the healthy and green development of the building sector, thereby achieving building cost reduction, efficiency increase, and efficient operation.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters Assist Intelligent Building

Electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the essential meters for intelligent building energy consumption measurement. It is mainly used for liquid flow measurement, suitable for central air conditioning water systems, district heating water systems, and other pipeline systems that need to be measured. Electromagnetic flowmeters provide the most basic flow database for the energy management system of intelligent buildings.

Flow Monitoring Solution in Intelligent Building

Project Requirements

1. It is necessary to achieve refined measurement of energy consumption such as water, electricity, gas, and air-conditioning energy in buildings to provide a complete data basis for statistical analysis of energy consumption costs, energy consumption quota management, and energy-saving index management;

2. Measurement data should be connected to the platform for unified control and management, and scientific data can be used to evaluate equipment life cycle and operation, efficiency, operation and maintenance quality, and service satisfaction rate;

3. Remote duty can be achieved to reduce daily workload and staffing as well as to improve the operational efficiency and quality.

Flowmeters Application Site

Water Flow Monitoring Application


Field Application

Micro Sensor flowmeters are mainly used in the following two systems in energy management:

1. Cooling and Heating System

1.1 Chillers

The flowmeter monitors the water supply temperature and flow rate of the chilled water main pipe in the chiller system. It calculates the actual cooling or heating load of the building to adjust the time balance of the unit and control the corresponding water pump. When it is necessary to start the unit, turn on the unit with the shortest cumulative running time; when it needs to be shut down, turn off the unit with the longest cumulative running time.

The electromagnetic flowmeter must have anti-electromagnetic interference capability, high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, stability and reliability, and easy installation and maintenance.

1.2 Heat Exchanger

Flow meter measures the water temperature, flow rate, pressure and other parameters on the primary and secondary pipelines of the heat exchanger. It can control the equipment to automatically start and stop the circulation pump according to the time, and realize the automatic adjustment of water temperature and water volume.

This scenario requires the electromagnetic flowmeter to have strong anti-interference ability and can still achieve high-precision and stable measurement in a high-heat and high-humidity environment.

2. Central Air Conditioning Water System

It monitors the cooling effect of the air conditioning system by measuring the flow of the cooling tower inlet and return water pipes in the central air conditioning water system. This scenario requires the electromagnetic flowmeter to have high measurement accuracy and stable and reliable operation.


Main Products in Intelligent Building Water Measurement

1. MFE600E Electromagnetic Flowmeter

MFE600E Electromagnetic Flowmeter

• Diameter: Flange type: DN6~DN1600

• Measurement accuracy: 0.5%,0.25%

• IP Protection: Converter:IP65; Sensor: IP68

• Certificates: EMC、LVD、PED、ExCT4

• Wide application range, stable and reliable operation

• High measurement accuracy, fast response speed

• Anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-vibration

• Easy installation and minimal maintenance

 Application Scenario:

The flow in the chilled water pipe of the chiller in the intelligent building and the flow of the cooling tower inlet and return water pipes in the central air-conditioning water system.


2. MFE600H Electromagnetic Heat Flowmeter


• Power supply: 220V AC; 24VDC

• Level of accuracy: level 2

• IP protection: IP65; IP68

• Output signal: 4mA~20mA DC / Frequency / Pulse Output

• Communication output: RS485 (standard Modbus protocol)

• The meter has the function of measuring cold and heat, and is equipped with 2 Pt1000 as standard, no additional totalizer is required;

• Adopt multi-electrode structure, high accuracy, equipped with ground electrode, no need for ground ring for cost saving;

• Low frequency rectangular wave excitation improves flow stability, low power loss and excellent low flow rate characteristics.

Application Scenario:

Flow and temperature measurement on the primary and secondary pipelines of heat exchangers; flow and temperature measurement of cooling tower inlet and return water pipes in the central air-conditioning water system, etc.


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