CAN Interface Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Date: 2021-Nov-06


CAN interface, multi-communication rate optional, up to 1Mbps

Digital output signal

Pressure Range: 0-70MPa (gauge / absolute

Temperature-compensated range: -10-50 °C, custom design available

Full 316L stainless steel construction

Compared with RS485 communication, CAN bus data communication has outstanding reliability, real-time capability, and flexibility. MPM4784 intelligent pressure transmitter adopts CAN standard interface, with good compatibility. It is suitable for applications requiring high-speed pressure measurement such as automatic control, industrial process, special machinery, automobile, robot and CNC machine tools, etc.



1. Pressure monitoring of CAN interface bus control system.

2. Industrial onsite pressure monitoring such as oil pressure, steam pressure, pipeline pressure, and water pressure, etc.

3. For applications that require pressure measurement equipment to transmit for long-distance or communicate in real-time.


CAN Interface Intelligent Pressure Transmitter


Intelligent pressure transmitters, the main specifications are as follows:

1, Pressure Range: 0 - 100kPa ... 70MPa;

2, Working Temperature: -20 - 80 ° C;

2. Accuracy: ±0.2% FS, ±0.5% FS;

3. Digital Output: CAN digital interface;

4, Compensated Temperature: -10 ° C - 50 ° C (can be customized)


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