Pressure Sensor Applied in Oil and Gas

Date: 2021-Jun-30

Our engineers are well-experienced in this application, they know the challenges and complexities of oil and gas processes clearly in real life, but our technology into the applications to provide pressure measuring solutions for customers to ensure the process and product safety.

Micro sensor’s MPM489 piezoresistive pressure sensor is manufactured with an advanced piezoresistive pressure sensor as well as good quality specified PCB. It performs good stability and high quality. Approved by RoHS, CE and intrinsic safe, this pressure sensor is suitable for applications in rugged environments to operate safely and reliably.


1. Reliable performance

2. Short protection, reverse polarity protection

3. Full pressure range

4. Easy installation


1. CE

2. RoHS

3. Intrinsic safe Exia

4. Exd

5. Ship-use CCS

Micro sensor’s pressure sensors are highly configurable and can be designed or customized to meet unique customer requirements. We have a very professional R&D team that is ready to serve you the best service all the time. Don’t hesitate and contact to get satisfaction.

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